Jane Goodridge
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As you read this, our 50th reunion is a memory for those who were able to attend. On my last request for updates for this column many of you expressed a desire to join your classmates, but were coping with travel arrangements. Others seem to roam at will! SallieYon Williams checked in while waiting for her flight to Istanbul where she was looking forward to a 6-week visit with her son Courtney and his wife Nazli and sons Sedik and Emyr. LynClarkPegg wrote that she took a 2-month trip through the South this winter and had the good fortune of being with GingerCatesMitchell.

JeanMeyerAloewas the speaker at the SBC Washington, DC Alumnae Club meeting in Feb. on her poetry (she’s the new chair). She and Ed are planning a trip to Russia in Oct. Their older daughter is moving her family to Abu Dhabi in June for her new position as associate director of counseling with NYU’s campus there; she leaves her private practice and her work at the VA hospital in DC. Jean is taking classes in pottery, poetry, and meditation. She volunteers as an usher at their local Emmy Award winning theater and enjoys bicycling with Ed, feeding their Koi, gardening, and cooking new dishes.

Katharine BlackfordCollins and John have a nomadic lifestyle. They spend July to Oct. at their home in WY, where they plan to hike the high trails until they topple over! From Nov.-Feb. they’re in La Manzanilla, MX, near their oldest son Davison, his wife Arianna, and their grandson Darie (7 mos.). They care for Darie while Dave leads birding and whale-watching tours. Dave and Arianna are developing a program to get young people involved in environmental stewardship that now includes operating an organic garden in cooperation with the local middle school. From March through June they stay in Seattle with their younger son Doug, his wife Amy, and 2 sons Silas (5) and Parker (2). Doug heads the small farms program for Washington State U. and Amy is a family therapist.

Katharine Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz has had a number of teaching trips and family visits with the grandkids on both the east and west coasts. Bill joined her in Santa Fe for one seminar and they combined a 2nd seminar in Philadelphia with side trips to Rehoboth, Alexandria, and Charles Town, WV. Her cousin Taylor from Monterey purchased their vintage family home in Charles Town; after 2 years of restoration they had a wonderful family reunion there in Nov. Her brother Randy is still running the horse farm portion of the property.Last spring Sarah Whitener O’Connor had a great trip to Italy that included a visit in Rome and 2 weeks in Tuscany. Last summer she joined her daughter, the grandkids, and both her sons in CO and WY where they hiked, rafted, rode horses, swam and enjoyed the wildlife in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. She and her roommate Chris Strous Connor got together for lunch and had a wonderful time!

Closer to home, Betsy Parker McColl wrote that she and Jim are having a fine time watching their 2 granddaughters (4 ½ and 3) grow up. Jim shot his age (72) last summer and she still plays a lot of tennis. Judy Johnson Hays wrote that she and Betsy keep in touch and that her husband, the Rev. Spurgeon Hays was going to participate in the April wedding of Cecil CollinsScanlan’s daughter in San Francisco. She sees Laura Sauls Wallace at the beauty parlor and Sarah Hitch Hill at church.

Some of our classmates not only observed our 50th, but had 50th celebrations of their own. On 12/22/12, Ann Knickerbocker McCulloch and Bill celebrated 50 years of marriage with their kids, grandkids, friends of 50 years and a cowboy band! Lynn Carol Blau and Jeffrey plan a family celebration of their 50year marriage at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff. They stay busy between West Hartford, NYC, and Las Vegas where their daughter Elizabeth and her husband just opened a new restaurant named HoneySalt and getting rave reviews! She attended an art opening in Nashville where her daughter Alexandra is showing her latest work and visited her Mom who is 95 and still going strong! Stevie Fontaine Keown and Mark celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in Aug.; it is also Mark’s 50th from UVA. She’s going to attend a reunion in Philadelphia with some very special high school classmates.

CynthiaLivingston Gibert continues her work as an infectious diseases physician at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Washington, DC. She thinks about retirement, but can’t quite make the decision to leave. Both of her children are also physicians and accordingly, they all seem to work too much. She still likes to travel, read, garden and swim. Her granddaughter Sophia (12) has a horse and wants to go to SBC to be on the riding team. Her daughter Jennifer lives in Charlottesville and her son Christopher and his family live in Virginia Beach, so she drives up and down 29 and 95 regularly. She sees Valerie Elbrick Hanlon for lunch when she comes through DC.

Karen Gill Meyer still loves her clients and works hard at Morgan Stanley. With the help of a great partner and assistants, they travel a great deal including long weekends at the beach in CA, 3-4 trips to NYC, and several other getaways. She serves on the SB board as finance and endowment chair.

Nerissa vom BaurRohrs reported musical triumphs: Last June 2 of her piano pieces were performed during Debussy Week and were written up as being “poetically rapturous;” some songs for mezzo were performed in China and Australia; some contralto songs were to be performed in March in Zwickau; and her Christmas carol for mixed voices and organ, in translation, will be performed at the St. Thomas Choir Carol Ceremony in 2013. Nerissa’s daughter Marina was to be married to an Englishman in London on Easter Sat. so she was dealing with the complexity of planning a wedding from a distance. In May she and Heinrich were to visit Siena and Florence; in June they were to host friends from Sweden and France for the Bachfest; in July they visit France; and in Sept. they visit Istanbul on an art tour.

Thank you all for providing me with updates during the last 5 years. It’s been a pleasure!