Bette Hutchins Sharland

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Patti Amanda Birge Spivey hosted a reception in her Russian Hill home when President Jo Ellen Parker and VP for Development Heidi McCrory visited San Fran. More than 30 alumnae, students and parents attended. President Parker filled them in on academic developments and summer programs.

Last Nov.,Winifred Storey Davis returned to SBC to hear Molly Haskell discuss her latest book, “My Brother My Sister,” discussing a transgender transformation “told with understanding and love.” In April, she and Tread planned to attend the alumnae gathering in Asheville. Mary Hunter Kennedy Daly also praises Molly’s book. Mary Hunter is recovering from a “very rough course of treatment for lung cancer.” She had “wonderful visits” from Lou Chapman Hoffman, just back from Paris, and from Molly.

Sara Finnegan Lycett continues as docent at Baltimore’s Walters Art Museum. Sara serves on her church’s vestry.

Alicia Laing Salisbury and John spent two Feb. weeks travelling in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. With a granddaughter at the Coll. of William & Mary, they anticipate visits to VA.

From Cape Cod, Mary MacKenzie Shaw is co-chair of fundraising for the new building, which Eastham plans to build. The new library will double the size of the town’s present one. Mary has three children and five grandchildren. Last May, Mary and her daughter spent several weeks in the small town of Dyke, outside of Inverness, whence came her MacKenzie ancestors.

Margaret Gwathmey spends two three-month intervals each year at her apt. on Telegraph Hill in San Fran.

Mary Danny Scott Wray’s Jan. Great Performance Tour down to Cartagena, Colombia was cancelled by one of those polar vortexes. Her children and five grands are all well. John and Louise Cobb Boggs spent the early part of the winter visiting friends and relatives in Ocala and Boca Raton, then at the beach at Ft. Myers where they rent a condo in Feb. On the way home, they visited their son in Atlanta, then friends in Columbia, SC.

Sue Robinson Syquia in AZ is grandmother to six, ranging in age from seven to 20 all over the globe.

Helen Cloie Syquia Skarne is in the Philippines, doing TV shows. “Every once in a while her mom flies over to join her.” Eldest grandson finished at Andover and now studies in Germany. Also in AZ is Laura Conway Nason, who hopes to see Hazel Ruth, son John’s first child and her first grand, who arrived last Nov. in Olympia, Washington. Susie Prichard Pace cheers for her grands in hockey, lacrosse, basketball and baseball. This year is Bob and Linda MacArthur Hollis’ 50th anniversary. Last winter they visited family and golf courses in CA and AZ. They’ll celebrate by taking all their family on an AK cruise in July, then themselves on a cruise to Antarctica during the Nov. summer. Linda’s discovered her talent for oil painting and enjoys herself at their retirement community near Asheville, NC.

Julie O’Neil Arnheim gives the Coll. of Charleston the benefit of her experience in Princeton three days a week and then volunteers at the Children’s Hospital run by the U. of SC’s Med School. Daughter Boyd has twins, a girl and a boy, born in July 2012 up in Chicago, where Boyd’s in a doctoral program at the U. of IL’s Chicago campus. Son Patrick moved to Charleston and is active in theater there and in NY. Son Richard works on complicated actuarial projects in Indianapolis.

Bill and Catherine Caldwell Cabaniss had dinner with Sally Mathiasen and Ted Prince in Washington and the next day attended the dedication of the Havel Place at Georgetown U. in memory of President Vaclav Havel, of the Czech Republic who died two years ago. 2013 was a year of receiving surgery at the Cleveland Clinic for a rare condition usually happening to women in their 30s and 40s. It has taken a year, but I am recovered and grateful.

Mimi Lucas Fleming visited for her grand-niece’s graduation, and Julie and Mimi “picked up just where we left off in 1959.”

Bette Hutchins Sharland continues as secretary of the local umbrella civic group. Jean has been interested in the Etruscans, so they ventured to (E)T(r)uscany last Sept. They saw lots of their funerary urns (about all the Romans seem to’ve left), acres of vineyards, and rows of hills topped by three-armed windmills harvesting free power.

Maria Garnett Hood sees Lynn Adams Clark who is “as beautiful as ever and doing well after Morton’s death.” She and Bob travel a bit and take care of their “in-college grandson, Juan Harvie.” Our leader reminds us ‘tis only two years until our next reunion and “We can make it back!”