Carol Barnard Ottenberg
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We mourn the passing of 2 classmates. Janet Holmes Rothard died on 11/12/12. Mary Laird Silvia died on 1/29/13. Their names will be read at the Alumnae Memorial Service held during Reunion.

Jane Headstream Yerkes (Seattle, WA): Leonard and I have moved from our 3 acres in The Highlands north of the city to a wonderful flat in a high-rise 23 stories above Lake Washington. If I were a swimmer, I could jump out the glass door and land 11 stories below in the lake. (Joke!) I spend quite a bit of time walking my Jack Russell, Tucker, and am still involved in Seattle Garden Club, University of Washington Press, and a wonderful group of women called the Committee of 33 with monthly meetings and great speakers. I will soon be back in the garden of our old house as my son Thatcher purchased it from us and is not a gardener. Leonard is still working with a financial consulting firm and as president of his Princeton class.

Carolyn Gough Harding (Sterling, VA): I do occasional work with the county’s English as a Second Language program, babysit our wonderful grandchildren and try to help my sisters with their ailing husbands. Judging by my older siblings, it looks like the upcoming decade could hold challenges for us young things. So we try to travel and soak up as much music and theater as time allows. I spent a lot of time in the fall helping with the Presidential campaign. In March we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

B. Schwab Stephen (Eastport, MI): Widowed for 10 years, now permanently residing in northern MI, active in Episcopal Church, Petosky Bridge Club, Antique Club and various other organizations.

Winkie Wimbish Chalfant (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL): We welcomed granddaughter Brynn into the family last April. Ed and I have begun our first course on Coursera.com. I do miss the seminar format of our SBC days, yet this appropriate use of technology to provide outstanding courses at no cost to countless students across the globe seems miraculous.

Linda Sims Grady Newmark (Salem, SC): Just completed a SBC Alumnae Club sponsored Living Room Learning course, Inside the Past: The Civil War. Twenty plus alumnae and 85 friends and relatives enjoyed these stimulating lectures at the Atlanta History center. Great to again be in “class” with Nina Wilkerson Bugg and Ann Crowle Lemmon. Off in March for a week in London visiting granddaughter Shelby Grady, who is studying there this term.

Jane Tatman Walker (Indianapolis, IN): Frank and I keep busy with family and friends in Indianapolis, Lake Wawasee (northern IN) and our winter home in University Park, FL. I enjoy being on the board of Indiana Landmarks, which focuses on endangered places, helping with renovations and restorations and revitalizing neighborhoods and communities. Our grandchildren range from 12 to 28 with 6 others in between. We plan a trip to Iceland and Norway in early June, will enjoy a day in July celebrating my hometown’s Bicentennial (Connersville, IN) and will do more work on family genealogy.

Barbara Murphy Hale (Cambridge, MD): Phil and I had a wonderful trip to China last April as guests of my nephew who is serving as U.S. naval attaché in Beijing. We old folks learned how to navigate the metro by ourselves, and if we needed help to call out “English.” We also took a 5-night trip to the River Li area in southern China, visiting ethnic villages, ancient towns, and even more ancient rice terraces in the mountains. Here at home, life is good in the Dorchester marshes. Feb. is the time of year when the wild life population is at its height; waterfowl filling the skies, deer and little sika elk everywhere, bald eagles and other birds of prey flying outside our windows. Last summer we had our 2 TX grandchildren here for 2 weeks without their parents, and we all survived. Phil is planning a 75th birthday party for me. Daughter Lenetta ‘85 has come to his aid.

Patti Powell Pusey (Richmond, VA): Greetings from sunny FL, our home away from home for 7 weeks. We see Carolyn King Ratcliffe and Clyde. Heidi Wood Huddleston will spend a night here soon. Gwen Speel Kaplan, AnnRienecke Clarke, Grace Suttle, Anita Perrin Grymes, and I caught up over lunch. Jane EllisCovington and Mickey Svoboda appear magically. I chat regularly with Rhett Ball Thagard. We had an interesting trip to HI last fall. It was an awesome and awful realization that Pearl Harbor was our first 9/11. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Betsy Muhlenfeld and her husband Larry Wollen to promote Virginia Opera. Periodic chats with Adrianne Massie Hill, Ellie Crosby Erdman, Barbara BeamDenison and Sally Underhill Viault remind me how fortunate I am that SBC has been in my life. Bill and I continue to be blessed with good-enough health to enjoy family activities. Our 12 g’kids go from 3-20.

Jane Riddle Lancaster (Dallas, TX): John and I are enjoying our 10 grandkids, 7 of whom are still in school in Dallas. We have one granddaughter in Washington & Lee Law School and one graduating Phi Beta Kappa from W&L in May. Then we’ll be in the mountains of NC til mid-Oct. enjoying the cool. I still keep up with Flo McGowinUhlhorn, LeeCullum, Maline Gilbert McCalla and Maydelle Foster Fason.

Ann Crowell Lemmon (Sandy Springs, GA): I’m still involved in the Reader to Patient Program at Children’s Healthcare as well as several book clubs, bridge and church work. We travel to see our daughter Sally and Bill Bugg (Nina Wilkerson Bugg’s son) in Thetford, VT, and son Jim and family in Raleigh. We recently rescued a 5-month-old kitten and there are times we think we’re crazy, but overall it’s a good thing!

Isabel Ware Burch (Williamsburg, VA): I keep busy here with friends and helping at Bruton Parish Church. Lynn Clark ‘61 lives in walking distance, and we see each other frequently. I was in Philadelphia for 2 weeks over Christmas with my children and grandchildren. Two of my sisters-in-law are SBC graduates: Betty Byrne Gill Ware ’55 and Patricia Coxe Ware ’59.

Elizabeth Few Penfield (Savannah, GA): TeddyHill and I have moved from New Orleans to Savannah and have a house that looks over the marsh and the forest beyond. E-mail addresses stay the same, and we plan to use the house as a jumping off place, heading to our usual haunts: CO, NY, Edisto Beach and Kenya.

Mary Ellen Dohs Acey (Baltimore, MD): I passed up our 50 year reunion to be with Min HoKwan in NYC. She spends most of her time in Hong Kong and some in CA. She’s as beautiful as ever! After close to a lifetime teaching on the science faculty of The Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore and as adjunct faculty of Johns Hopkins working with Teach for America science teachers, I have begun to take a more leisurely approach to life. Daughter Claire is in Seattle with her adopted daughter (15); our son and his wife have 3 children under 7 in Richmond. Basil and I are focusing retirement plans on a move to Richmond or environs within the year to be closer to the action there.

Nancy Corson Gibbes (Columbia, SC): I just returned from an incredible trip to Antarctica, traveling with a gal I met on a Nepal trip last year. You guessed it, I’m a traveler. I had a short but sweet visit with Elsie Burch Donald and Robin OuldRentsch at Robin’s house in Great Falls, VA; we try and do this most years. I saw BettyMeade Howard in Charlottesville in July.

Sue Styer Cahill (Reading, PA); Lura Wampler and I just had lunch together and laughed out loud the whole time. Bessie Bulkley Bradley ‘61 and I still go to Park City and Deer Valley, UT, every year for 12 days for downhill skiing. Best news for me is the birth of my 1st grandchild, a boy, born to son Tor and wife Nicole in Denver, CO. Other son Leif still works at NYU in the city.

Judy Barnes Agnew (Durham, NC): I’m reading, playing a little bridge, keeping up with children and grandchildren.

Elizabeth Meade Howard (Charlottesville, VA): Happy to have seen TeddyHill and LizPenfield in NY last fall before they flew to Africa. Delighted to learn that Grace Suttle is moving to Charlottesville. I talk often with Suzanne Reitz Weinstein in Boston. I’m now the art editor of Streetlight online magazine. I hope classmates will have a look and send comments and submissions.

Betsy Buechner Morris (Marblehead, MA): Monty and I are off to New Zealand for 6 weeks of camping, celebrating our 50th anniversary.

Patricia Jane Allen (Ormond Beach, FL): Feeding birds and squirrels occupy my time. Traveling is not an option any more.

Lura Coleman Wampler (Wayne, PA): We continue to live at our little farm. I still board horses, tend gardens and try to keep up with maintenance of our 273-year-old house. I am very active in my garden club and do a fair amount of judging horticulture at local flower shows. I am also an apprentice photography judge. We are fortunate that 5 of our 7 grandchildren live in the area. Lucy Martin Gianino and I share grandmotherly honors for 2 of them; it’s always a treat when she comes from NYC to visit.

Jane Haldeman Hope (Louisville, KY): Slowing down, enjoying grands, doing water aerobics. Oldest son got married to his partner of 15 years last Sept.

Winnie Ward (Jefferson, NH): I’m involved in a few community activitiesthe Farmer’s Market (my favorite) and our historical society. We plan another trip to Prince Edward Island in Sept., a place that is very special to us. Summer getting filled up with children’s visits plus a bit of time at our camp in ME. I’m in touch with Jane Tatman Walker and Lura Wampler and I email back and forth.

Barbara Beam Denison (Bethesda, MD): George and I are still in our same house where we’ve been for 47 years. George continues his career of lobbying Congress. I folded my framing business after 45 years and am devoting my time to painting. Our 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren are all in Marin County, CA so we travel there often. Recently returned from a trip to S. America. We enjoy golf and swimming when weather permits.

Judy Cowen Jones (Waynesboro, VA): I am still totally immersed in the Wayne Theatre Alliance’s restoration effort, the Augusta County Spay/Neuter Clinic and a Progressive Dinner charitable event. Get together with eldest daughter Debbie(SBC grad) in Richmond, VA—we have had a wonderful time collaborating on genealogical research. Fly out to San Francisco at least twice a year to see daughter Alison (UVA grad) and help out with the twins. Besides my involvement with golf and aerobics, Mac and I love going to various wine dinners with friends at the wineries on the Monticello Trail—a gastronomical treat/experience!

Lucy Martin Gianino (New York, NY): Jack and I still keep our hand in theatre. He stage managing, I acting. Loved a show I did last fall, “Ten Chimneys,” playing Alfred Lunt’s mother! Elizabeth Meade Howard came to see it. I still continue with a great deal of volunteer work with Parents’ in Action. Children and grandchildren come and spend the summer with us at Fire Island. Amazingly, our home in Fair Harbor held its own during Hurricane Sandy, but we pray for so many other homes and our devastated beaches.

Jane Ellis Covington (Richmond, VA): For us, our 55th reunion is a must, as time is moving on. What is it about coming back to SBC that seems like the proverbial shot in the arm? To me, it seems like a bit of escape to the past as well as a visit to the future. Start setting your sights for being on campus in May of 2015. See you there!

Carol Barnard Ottenberg (Seattle, WA): Simon and I took nephews, nieces and their kids to a Tucson guest ranch in April. Then I went with a Nat’l Parks Conservation tour to hike (well, walk briskly) in Zion and Bryce Canyon parks.