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Nellie Morrison passed away 12/15/13 due to cancer. Kathleen Mather Koestler’s husband Fred passed away in Jan.

Lucia Woods Lindley’s new address is 1 North Franklin St., Suite 2360, Chicago, IL 60606. Val Stoddard Loring’s email address is [email protected] Eleanor Read Rice is at 855 Ribaut Rd., Beaufort, SC 29902. Debbie Von Reichach Swan Snyder is at 9013 Whimbrel Watch Ln., Unit 2, Naples, FL 34109. Telephone: (239) 260-5755. Email: [email protected]

Joanne Bossert Thompson: We sold our FL home and moved into a retirement complex across the street. Gurney and I still belong to our golf club. I attend fitness classes there. I still serve on local charity committees and we still travel. I can’t come to reunion since we’ll be in CO for a grandson’s college graduation. We now have a great-grandson (2) and great-granddaughter (3). Looking forward to a cruise on the Baltic this June to celebrate our 56th anniversary!

Mary Boyd Davis: Irvin and I went to Titusville, FL, last week for a mini reunion with Erna Arnold Westwig and Ralph and Sandy LaStaiti Sylvia and Ed.

Pat Davis Sutker: We’ve lived happily in Naples, FL, for the past 10 years.

Alice Cary Farmer Brown: “Happy 55th Reunion to all our classmates! Endless thanks to Elizabeth and Ali for your enormous efforts to make it wonderful and to raise the money for our class gift. We’ll be in Vienna where I’ll think of you and miss being with those who go. We’ve recently moved into Lee’s family’s house in Gulf Stream, FL, after having to tear it down and rebuild it. It’s a cultural paradise for non-golfers like Lee and me and has an active Garden Club of America. Mary Blair Valentine, Tabb Farinholt and Tricia Ware are all coming here soon as well as our children and grandchildren. We’ll have our second college graduate this May and the other six all in boarding schools.”

Penny Fisher Duncklee: John is writing books and short stories. Lately I’ve been illustrating kids’ books for a couple gals. The current one is about a little dog that is glad she is little. Fun project.

Pat Frawley Gates: Marianne Ramsey, SBC’s major gift officer, came to Chestertown, MD, to visit her friend Barbara Bailey Heck, senior associate VP at Washington Coll. They gathered three area SBC alumnae, Joan Darby West ’46, Stephanie Butan Profaci ’58 and me for a luncheon Sept. 2013 at our local yacht and country club. Regrettably Sorrel Mackall McElroy was unable to join us. We enjoyed our time together and were impressed with Marianne’s enthusiastic PowerPoint presentation, which showed off SBC’s enduring beauty and academic creativity.

Lucy Frost Dunning is spending about three months in CA and will head back to their home in Vail in April.

Suzanne Hafer Hambrick: Our five grandchildren all live in Hickory. We vacationed in picturesque HI in 2007. We went to Oahu, the Big Island and Maui.

Meriwether Hagerty Rumrill: The saddest news for me is the death of my most cherished friend, Nellie Morison. Kind, gentle, compassionate, caring—a gentlewoman of true blue character of a bygone era. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and godmother to my firstborn, Dudley. We loved many of the same things. We worked on her garden together. We could confide in each other with confidence. We shared joy and sorrow. We also could confront each other and did. Then there were the grandchildren. We never tired of talking of them and Nellie was full of stories about hers. She was sick for a long time and very courageous. Cookie Carle and I planned a visit last Oct. Cookie was a star with her sweet wicked sense of humor. I saw Nellie once more in Dec. after she had come to VA for Thanksgiving. Friends like this are always with us. Thank God for that.

Gay Hart Gaines: I’m writing to you from a ship, The Crystal Symphony, off the coast of Australia. Stanley and I flew from Palm Beach to LA to Sydney on Feb. 10, where we spent four days. It was a trip down memory lane for me, since I lived in Sydney for three years, 10-13. I returned to my old school, Ascham, my home, friends’ homes, Bondi Beach and saw old friends who had a party for us. We’re now sailing up the coast and then returning March 10. I stepped down from my beloved Mount Vernon Board on Dec. 31, reluctantly, and will miss it. We accomplished a lot and opening the library last Sept. 27 was the culmination of my dream. I’m working on several political races and trying to do everything I can to elect a Republican Senate. I’m also helping our very fine governor, Rick Scott and Gov. John Kasich in OH to get reelected. Our 11 grandchildren are well. The eldest got married last Oct. Stanley has macular degeneration. He and I are doing everything possible to slow down the progress of the disease. While he still has some sight, he wants to travel, so we’re going to places he has never been.

Susan Hight Rountree: Our lives are in disarray at the moment getting our home ready for prospective buyers. We’ll be moving to a town house nearby in Kings Mill. We’ve been spending several months of the summer into fall in NH. Grandchildren in Richmond and Annapolis/Kent Island keep us busy. I’m working with Isabel Ware Burch and committee designing kneelers for Bruton Parish Church. Joe and I are working on putting a tour together for a group we belong to, going to several of the historic houses on the Northern Neck of VA and staying at Stratford Hall.

Jane Jamison Messer: I’m in Naples, FL, on my way to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. I spent time with Snowdon who was here visiting a friend. Snowdon has returned to Shepherdstown. I’ll be in Naples until the end of March. I’ll be off to The Masters after that. Still doing two months at Torch Lake in northern MI during the summer.

Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb: It’s been a real pleasure for me to help coordinate our 55th reunion. I’ve enjoyed phone calls and email conversations with a number of classmates, and I hope to be in touch with more of you. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our reunion gift and called friends to encourage them to be with us on campus in the spring.

Jini Jones Vail: Just sent you a photo of my 77th. Also just got a call from the SBC bookshop, Lynn Lewis. She has ordered more of my “Rochambeau, Washington’s Ideal Lieutenant” books! I may miss the 55th reunion, but my books will be there in my stead!

Isa Mary Lowe Zieglar: Now I’m in FL; it’s almost as busy here as at home. CA is finally getting a little bit of rain. More drought tolerant plants are on my shopping list when I return.

Virginia MacKethan Kitchin: We have seven grandchildren spread around the country; we all get together in summer and at Christmas. Two are close by in Charlottesville. We’re going to Memphis to visit Cameron and Katie and their three. While there we’ll drive (5-6 hours) over to Bentonville, AR, to see the Crystal Bridges Museum. As for running into classmates, that often happens at funerals, sadly, such as at one in Virginia Beach last week where I enjoyed seeing Mary Blair and Fleming.

Sorrel Mackall McElroy: We’re spending a lot of time on our farm near Chestertown, MD. We just finished restoring a 1770s cabin. So many grands are in college, so see less of them. In fact we have three graduating from different high schools this spring.

Ginny Marchant Noyes: I’m just back from a month revisiting old haunts in Southeast Asia, did a long trip in Central Europe last fall and met my Belgian son for Thanksgiving in London, which included everything from a concert by the Attica Prison Symphonic Band to dinner in the House of Lords!

Sally Martin Kohrs: Bob and I went to HI for our 25th anniversary. We boarded a ship and cruised around the islands.

Kathleen Mather Koestler: I lost my husband Fred in Jan. Not much else to report except that I’ll be putting my house on the market this spring; it’s much too big for me now.

Lizora Miller Yonce: Isabelle is 13; Sam is 18; Miller is seven; and Caroline is 13.

Nita Mixon Cox: I’ve been homebound for quite a while. I was going barefoot as we often do in South GA and hit a chair leg with my foot. Dislocated a bone, tore off ligaments, and have been limping around for over a month. One granddaughter is graduating from medical school in May, a grandson is graduating from Sewanee in May also, and another grandson has taken the plunge and asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage! We’re hoping to get back to our little retirement home on St. George Island when the mean man doctor lets me out of the house and prison! Hope my classmates are all wearing shoes, and if not, this is a good time to start!

Liz Myerink Lord: Come spend the winter in Carmel, CA! We’ve had the most beautiful weather this winter. Of course, we worry that we might have a major drought this summer complete with water rationing, which is nothing new. Cheerio!

Judy Nevins LeHardy: Youngest son Peter and wife Becky presented us with our 12th grandchild, Jacob, in June ’13. Daughter Sally’s oldest son, Durrant Kellogg, was married in AZ in Dec. ’12, and his sister, Sara, will be married in March. Sally and Mark and the two younger children (13 and 19) have moved to Batesville, VA, near Charlottesville. We’re proud to have an All American runner in the family—Marcel and Nancy’s daughter, Annie LeHardy, a junior at UNC. Last summer we attended an international LeHardy family reunion in Brussels. Afterwards we all traveled in Italy to visit Vicenza, where we used to live. We’re still living in Kilmarnock on the Northern Neck of VA. We spend most of the winter at our cottage on Kiawah Island, SC.

Fleming Parker Rutledge: More and more, alas, we meet at funerals! I read somewhere that gatherings at funerals tend to be embarrassingly cheerful because the more elderly attendees are so glad still to be alive! I particularly enjoyed seeing Tricia Ware, Isabel Ware ’60, Mary Blair Valentine, and Virginia MacKethan Kitchin in Virginia Beach at a reception following the services for Josh Darden, known to many of us as a member of the UVA ’58 class. There was a small graveside family service, which I conducted, and then the huge service in the church, which was attended by tout Hampton Roads. I had lunch with Tricia and Betsy Duke Seaman last spring in Richmond, and it was so obvious, 54 years later, that they were truly the people to lead our class. Both of them have lost their husbands so sadly (Marshall so prematurely, and Peter Seaman is now living in a 24-hour-care facility where Betsy visits him twice a day) and both of them have set such an example of courage and grace.

Marcia Payne Grant: Highlights for the year: a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, an interesting four-day sojourn in the Amish country around Lancaster, PA, and the arrival of my second great-grand. I’m on three boards and belong to three other groups. My youngest granddaughter is being married the same weekend as reunion.

Ann Pegram Howington: With over 200 participants, our alumnae club’s Living Room Learning has burst out of our living rooms and taken up residence at the Atlanta History Center. Last year we did the Civil War and now, World War I.

Susan Perry Farmer: Still living in San Diego. Jerry and I are planning a trip to Sicily and France in April/May, and I try to visit my mother (101) in Pittsburgh several times a year. We have three grandsons in college, one ready to go and two more in high school. Our only granddaughter (12) keeps them all in line!

Sue Pohl Moulton: I’ve lived at water’s edge in the Monadnock region of north central MA for 45 years. Ten years ago I lost my Charlie, the light of my life, to cancer. Diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, I went through the chemo, losing my hair and radiation and developed a small heart attack brought on by the cure. I’m well now. Two afternoons a week are spent painting with a small group. Lots of gardening, weather permitting, kayaking on the lake, quilting and reading. I work three to four hours a day with my oldest son, John at our modular home business in its 44th year. His son, Ian, is a junior at U Mass Amherst and daughter Keara is a freshman in high school. Middle child, Kimberly, is married to a native German and has lived in Bimmen, Germany, for 22 years with Nicolas (15) who is a Downs child with autism. His sister Sidney is creative and talented (13). My youngest, Bruce, lives in Flower Mound, TX, near Dallas with Taylor (17) and David (13).

Rew Price Carne: We took a family cruise in the Mediterranean last summer. Caribbean with my daughter over Thanksgiving. Golfing and volunteer work keep me busy.

Cay Ramey Weimer: Ben and I celebrated 20 years. First we spent a week in St. Petersburg, which was full of museums, monuments, palaces, churches, operas and ballet. Then we went to Claire Devener’s special island, Anguilla. Claire is the editor of Anguilla Life, celebrating 25 years.

Debbie Von Reischach Swan Snyder: Don and I moved from Williamsburg, VA, to Naples, FL, where I’m now on the Civic Involvement Committee for the League and playing golf and tennis. We spend our summers in ME where I’m the president of our sailing association. We spent last Nov. on a National Geographic Tour to Antarctica. (ed. note: from a previous email: our new permanent home is a condo on the golf course in Pelican Marsh, not far from the beach and the Philharmonic. We will keep our summer home in Boothbay Harbor, ME.)

Ginny Robinson Harris: All is well with family, boyfriend and me. Three boys for grands. I’ll not be coming to reunion because I work at the Art Center here and everything picks up for “the season” about then.

Barbara Sampson Borsch: Stuart Borsch and Fang Zhang were married in July, first time for both. They’re professors at the same college, in different departments. We’re still commuting between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Fred’s written his second novel; no publisher has seen it yet. Do we have one in our class?

Mary Blair Scott Valentine: Sorry to miss reunion. Have five graduations in May, two high schools, two colleges, and one eighth grade. (Ed. note: Congratulations on 55 years of marriage!)

Ann Smith Heist: Yep, this is a true blast from the past! Ali, our faithful correspondent, has gotten me all worked up to come to the Sweet Briar reunion in the spring. It’s bound to be a delightful experience. My husband encouraged me too. We all have so much to share and compare. I noticed that many of you live in places near to either us or our daughter or to places we’re familiar with. What fun to stir the pot with memories, stories and experiences.

Betsy Smith White: Our oldest granddaughter, Bess Dickens (Davidson ’13) is living and working in NY now and always thought she would love a great snow, until this Feb.! Does anyone have Nat Morison’s address in Middleburg, VA? I wanted to write him a note after Nellie died.

Judy Sorley Chalmers-Simpson: I’m in GA at the moment visiting my children and my daughter Cameron’s triplets (5).

Polly Space Dunn: Painting, playing golf (less often) and enjoying family.

Val Stoddard Loring: Steve and I celebrated our 50th anniversary with a trip to Paris in April 2013. I had a visit with Dede Ulf Mayer in Nov. Have two grandsons graduating from high school in May and June. Will miss you and send love to all.

Susan Taylor Montague-Reese: I won’t be attending reunion as I’m having some health issues and don’t know where I’ll be in my treatment in May.

Tabb Thornton Farinholt: We spend a lot of time going to grands’ games. Grandsons Blair and Bart play lacrosse. Bart lives and works in Denver. His sister, Ida, is off to Cornell next year. Our daughter’s eldest, Stewart, is at Middlebury. The next one, Sam, is looking. We cling to the youngest, Jack, who’ll be at the Haverford School four more years. Book Club is thriving! I’ll bring the video I had made for our 50th.

Kathy Tyler Sheldon: Unfortunately, I will not make it to the reunion. I cannot leave John as his vision is so deteriorated and we’re making a trip to England in April for his 60th reunion dinner at Cambridge. We live in a place that isn’t easily accessible to the rest of North America, but only four and half hours to London! How I’d like to see all of our classmates and do appreciate staying in touch.

Dede Ulf Mayer: I’m in the midst of trying to declutter and downsize. Good friend Val Stoddard Loring was a big help to me with her knowledge when she was here in Nov. My major project now is to get all the family history sorted. I love to attend book club meetings with Tabb, Tricia, Mary Blair, Betsy, Sorrel, Cay and Mary Ballou. My two sons and their wives and my four grandchildren continue to live in Richmond, so I’m happy here, too.

Judy Welton Sargent: I’ve finally moved into my house in Austin. In Jan. I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Jo Ellen Parker and a group of alumnae and friends. There were three of us from the class of ’59, Di Doscher Spurdle, Elsie Pritchard and Bill Carter and me.

Jane Wheeler Garcia: Our 50th reunion was a once-in-a-lifetime treat for me; but I won’t rule out our 60th just yet. By that time I’ll have six granddaughters close to college age.

Ali Wood Thompson: In Sept. our senior hula group had our best year ever in Kona where we took 1st in the women’s solo hula, second in the men’s solo division and third for our group dance. In Oct., Travis and I headed to Tanzania for another safari at three different small camps. As usual, the animals were spectacular!