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Our 55th reunion takes place May 30-June 1, 2014. We’ll need help to organizing! Let Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb know if you are interested ([email protected]).

Passings:Betsy Brawner Pittman’s husband, Frank passed away in Dec.Ann Pegram Howington’s husband Ezra passed away in Sept.Lizora Miller Yonce’s husband, Sam died in Sept.Jane Jamison’s husband, Frank passed away in Dec.

Sue Perry Farmer slight new change to her email address: [email protected]. Ginny Robinson Harris has a new address: 214 Shelby Circle, Highlands, NC 2874. Jane Wheeler Garcia has a new email: [email protected].

Joanne Bossert Thompson: We have 2 great-grandchildren. The youngest is one.

Alice Cary Farmer Brown: This year as my husband Lee had to have major spinal surgery on 12/12/12. He’s finally recovering. We still live in NYC when we’re not in Vienna, 2 mos. in the spring and 2 in the fall, or in Gulfstream, FL, where we’re finished rebuilding the Browns’ 100-year-old house. Our oldest grandchild has graduated from college, 3 are in colleges, 3 are in boarding schools and one (13) is still at home. Our 3 weeks in India last Feb. was our favorite trip yet. I continue to judge horticulture at Garden Club of America flower shows and enjoy seeing Ginny Marchant Noyes when she judges, as well. She also enters and wins with extraordinarily creative artistic arrangements! I send love to all.

Penny Fisher Duncklee: John is still writing up a storm. (Humm, maybe that is why the wind blew so hard today.) I still do the first read and make an occasional cover. Soon his latest book, “Secrets” will be out. Google John Duncklee… We just returned from a book signing event 3 hours away. Getting there and back, John drove and I photographed “reference photos” for paintings of absolutely beautiful clouds, rain showers, rainbows and gorgeous shadows and light on the southwest country. Now all I need to do is get away from my computer and get out my paints! I look forward to reading all the other adventures of us!  Someday I will update my website. Here’s my new address: [email protected].

Meriwether Hagerty Rumrill: I had a violent fall that put me out of commission for quite a while, but I’m back working and dancing and playing with my grandchildren so I feel so very grateful. I’ve never taken good health for granted and have been so blessed, and maybe learned a lesson that I will slow down at least a bit. I had the most wonderful celebration of my 75 birthday. Took all my kids and grandkids (17 of us) to this wonderful place on Cape Cod where we could walk to the bay and be on the ocean in a 10 min. drive. The National Seashore is such a treasure; I felt l could walk forever. We went in July, but I recommend Aug. as the water was cold, but still wonderful.

Gay Hart Gaines: I had my left shoulder replaced at The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC on Jan. 22nd. I have to wear a sling for 8 weeks, and trust I’m healing properly. I return for a checkup after 2 mos. and hopefully will be like new after 4 mos. Stanley’s macular degeneration is serious, but he’s been incredibly brave. We follow up on any and all leads and information, in hopes of finding help. We moved into a full service apt. building where Stanley feels very safe. It’s been a huge adjustment for me, but eventually I’ll get used to it. We also bought an apt. for our children and grandchildren to use and found that if you have a nice mousetrap, the mice will come! This will be my last year on the board of Mount Vernon and we will bring to fruition on Sept. 26-27 the grand opening of a fabulous library for our first president. I’ve been on the library task force for 4 years and Chairman of the Capital Campaign, which has consumed so much of my energy, so it truly will be a dream come true. I was honored in Dec. by the Colonial Dames and made an honorary Dame because of my work in historic preservation and American Founding history. Of course for a lady born in Toronto, Canada, this was a thrill.

Jane Jamison Messer: Lo and behold I liveth still! I’ve been busy as a caregiver for a few years and have now moved on to caring for myself as my husband of 32 years (Frank) died 12/18/12. I still go to Torch Lake in northern MI for 7 weeks in the summer. My 3 children have cottages there, and it is wonderful sharing that kind of time with them and their children. Leaving in a week to spend 2 months in Naples, FL!

Eliza eth Johnston Lipscomb: I want to thank all of our classmates who responded to my message about the possibility of our funding a 21st century classroom. I was pleased to hear at our recent Lynchburg Alumnae Club meeting that donors have now been found for all of the classroom renovations. I know that many of you were interested in the idea, even though we couldn’t take on the project. Lloyd and I continue to enjoy life at Westminster Canterbury. I have just completed my term as chair of our Residents’ Council, a position that has taught me quite a lot about the inner workings of a continuing care community. We take pleasure in regular visits to SBC, and we’re watching with interest the construction of a major addition to the Mary Helen Cochran Library. There will be much to see when we have our 55th reunion in 2014.

Jini Jones Vail: My year’s activities are on my website right up to last week of traveling to talk on Rochambeau everywhere I could easily reach—VA, MA NY, NJ and of course CT! Visit jinijonesvail.com for the fun of it all!

Virginia MacKethan Kitchin: Corky and I were in Berlin last Nov. Fascinating city, especially, of course, for those interested in WWII and art.We later joined one of our sons and his family of 5 in Provence and then Croatia.

Sorrel Mackall McElroy: We’re great. We spend a lot of time at the family farm in Chestertown, MD, with children and 13 grands. I just had my 2nd hip replacement. I’m a real bionic woman.

Lizora Miller Yonce: My husband Sam passed away 9/18/12 due to complications from surgery. Unexpected. Tricia, Mary Ballou and Mary Blair came via train for the memorial service. It meant so much to me. I’m in Boca Grande, FL, until May. There are lots of friends here and a good number from Richmond, so “back to my roots.” Everyone is so supportive. Lots of bridge and golf. Sons Clay, Logan and Cliff have been a huge help to me. Grand kids: grandson 17, twin granddaughters 12, a grandson 5 and parents come visit in stages mid-March. Out of the mouths of babes—when grandson Miller then almost 5 heard his grandpa had passed away his 1st question was: does Grandpa have a cell phone in heaven?

Liz Myerink Lord: We loved Africa. What and adventure! I’d like to go back to South Africa next time.

Judy Nevins LeHardy: We continue to enjoy life here in the Northern Neck of VA, near the Chesapeake Bay. We still go to our cottage on Kiawah Island, SC, every winter for a couple of months. Our oldest grandson, Sally’s son, Durrant Kellogg, was married in Dec., and our youngest son Peter’s wife is expecting their first baby in July. So we’ll have overlapping generations! Our big event last year was a grandson’s graduation from West Point. While there I met a lovely young woman (dating a graduating cadet) who turned out to be the president of the Student Government at SBC, class of 2013! Maddie Hodges is her name. Coincidentally, her mother graduated from Austin Peay in TN, where I ended up graduating. Small world!

Fleming Parker Rutledge: Dick and I are in excellent health as of this writing, which is such an incomparable blessing. We are both extremely busy, Dick with his business and his church/UVa/Episcopal High School activities, and me with preaching and writing. We celebrated Dick’s 80th birthday at the U. (sic) in Oct., a great occasion. I’ve taken up birding with a vengeance and can be seen occasionally in the Ramble in Central Park. I’ll be in Columbia, SC, to preach again this March, and will be off the radar in April, sequestered on Cape Cod, finishing my magnum opus. If anyone is interested, my moderately successful website (just enough hits a day to be worth the effort) is www.generousorthodoxy.org.

Ann Pegram Howington: I just crept in here from a flu invasion, which seems like weeks, but not, anyway. I think I wrote you long ago that my husband Ezra died last fall. A month or so later Betsy Brawner Pittman’s nifty spouse Frank died, too. At present mobs of us, alumnae, friends, and even some husbands, are gathering once a week at the Atlanta History Center where a hugely grown Living Room Learning series is afoot with about 120 happy participants  and some excellent lectures, on The Civil War for several Wed. mornings. This is an enormous success and (quietly) some very good PR for SBC. Camille Yow got us up and out of our living rooms, with Sheffield Hale, the new AHS head, and son of our (Sweet Briar’s) well-loved and missed, Ann Hale and Bradley Hale. But Sweet Briar’s Living Room Learning is alive and a-learnin. Be well!

Susan Perry Farmer: We’ve been in Del Mar for 29 years.Our grandchildren are growing up too quickly. We now have 3 grandsons in college—UCSD (San Diego), Whittier Coll. and U. of Melbourne, Australia. We’re fortunate enough to live close by our 4 other grandchildren too, and they’re a big part of our lives. Active, fun, busy and so much easier than their fathers were! In 2009 and 2011 we spent 2 mos. teaching and studying in Italy. This year we have decided to explore and enjoy the good old USA, from HI to Cape Cod! I make several trips a year to Pittsburgh to visit my mother, who celebrated her 100th birthday last July with a big party. It’s a little scary when strangers think we’re sisters!

Rew Price Carne: In Greenwich, CT, last June for great niece’s high school graduation and family reunion. I had an opportunity to lunch with grade school friends in NYC.  In Sept., I joined a SBC group trip through the French countryside—very special. Susan Taylor was on the trip with a friend of hers from Alexandria. Then, I took a train to London to meet my daughter for 5 days of sightseeing.I spent a week with my brother and his wife in Venice, FL, over Thanksgiving. The rest of the time is volunteering, usual day-to-day chores.

Debbie Von Reischach Swan Snyder: Don and I bought a condo in Pelican Marsh, FL, and will be here this year from Jan. through early April. We still have our home in Williamsburg, VA, and our summer cottage in Boothbay Harbor, ME, but it’s getting to be a little much. Don’t want to give any of them up, but we eventually will have to give up either VA or FL because 3 places are too much, and we also like to travel. Nice problem to have.

Ginny Robinson Harris: I volunteer at a local new art center a couple of times a week in summer. Also am state officer of Garden Club of NC and do a lot of traveling. Family all well. I have 3 boy grands, 2 to my daughter and family who live in Charlotte, NC, and a 6-yr.-old in Houston with son and family. I still look forward to life and what’s happening, in spite of politics. Later email: I moved into town right before Christmas. In our small mountain town, I’m able to walk to church (as I did this morning at 13 degrees and snowy/windy) or wherever. About to become 2nd VP of state garden club. I wonder if garden club will even be around when I’m 80 and become president? Have a new Valentine, interesting at nearly 76, but he’s 82. Anyone have a Princeton grad that age?

Mary Blair Scott Valentine: I’m on my way to Delray Beach, FL, for Grandparents Day at Gulf Stream School. Two granddaughters there.

Polly Space Dunn: Nothing new here. I’m, at present in the bed with a bad back. Had to miss our ski trip! Bummer. Other than that, everyone is well. Still painting and playing golf.

Susan Taylor Montague-Reese: France in Sept., and I fell in love with Normandy. There were lots of alumnae who I had traveled with before, which made it even more fun. Rew Price Carne was on the trip and it was fun to see her. I leave for Philadelphia on the 22nd to spend Christmas with the grandchildren.

Tabb Thornton Farinholt: Old Tabb and Blair with children and grandchildren (and their dogs) on our river the day after Thanksgiving 2012. I’m getting a pacemaker 2/13 after having put it off for mos.

Kathy Tyler Sheldon: We’ve had a bitterly cold Jan. and are grateful to be in a warm home with warm food! We did finally have enough snow to have a short cross country ski yesterday. All the grandchildren are teenagers with their own busy lives, but we stay in touch.  Warmest regards to all.

Judy Welton Sargent: (from an earlier email) I was in NYC in Nov. and had a great time seeing Di Doscher Spurdle. We talked and talked, ate some fine food and saw some good theater. Ann Turnbull Lowry stopped in NYC for a night on her way to Switzerland to see her brother. She, Di and I had dinner and went to see Turandot at the opera, a wonderful evening!

Jane Wheeler Garcia: Wish I had some exciting news for 59ers, but my life is rather ho hum. What does make life exciting is my relationship with Jesus, my Lord, and my lifelong study of God’s Word, the Bible. I still bask in the memories of our 50th reunion and what fun I had with my roommate, Elizabeth Lipscomb, and all of you who attended.

Ali Wood Thompson: It’s whale season here so when walking on the beach it’s fun to see whales and their babies jumping clear out of the water. The tourists are in full force now and the island is a-hummin’ in these winter mos. Three of my “Plunkers” band passed on this year, but I have picked up 2 others. One of them is a bass player who now plays along with his dad (my guitar player—age 88). So the band is really sounding good nowadays. My 93-year-old is still dancing…yea! P.S. Please keep me abreast of all address, phone, and email changes. Others who don’t have email, please write your news and send it to me. Next deadline for me is end of July. Thanks.