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Mary Ann Hicklin Willingham says, “As you remember our wonderful class member, Byrd Stone was a long time faculty member and director of the Campus School. After she died, Ann Allen generously sculpted and donated a bronze statue, “Summer’s Child,” in memory of Byrd. At our reunion in 2012, class presidents Joan and I brought up for discussion the need to ‘seat the statue’ on a permanent structure since its sitting on the edge of the sandbox had been deemed hazardous. All those attending the class meeting agreed to contribute money for the cause if Mary Ann would head the fundraising to purchase a bench and a plaque and have the statue permanently attached to the bench. The Goal was $2500. Donations from many class members topped $6,100. The project cost $2700. Our class was able to give the remaining $3400 to the Class of 1956 Scholarship fund. How generous you were!”

Karen Steinhardt Kirkbride, Annandale, VA: “Prior to retirement I worked for the Dept. of Defense, as did my husband Dick, both of us as information technology specialists. In late Dec., Dick and I went to NYC just as our son Trevor and his wife Sara and their daughter Penelope were moving to Battery Park, the very day before leaving for TX for a visit there during the holidays. Recently, we’ve been in DE for several long weekends. With the colder season upon us, we’ll stay home! We’ll enjoy having our other 2 sons nearby, Steven and Kevin. Kevin and his wife, Britt, will join us in April in Maui for a week. Stay in touch and plan now on attending our next class reunion in 2016. It will be a special time!”

Barbara Brown McFarland writes: “I wish I had some terribly exciting news, but unfortunately Bradley Cooper is unavailable. So I just continue working full time, but being my own boss I can leave in the early afternoon to hit the gym. My older daughter, Bonny, and I walk several miles every day. Her two boys have graduated from college and both have jobs. My younger daughter, Ruth, and her husband are spending the winter in Scottsdale and I plan to spend a week with them in Feb. Her son has also graduated in mechanical engineering and has a job. Her daughter, also cleverly named Barbara Page, plans to become a firefighter. I think of SB so often—those were good days.”

Rose Montgomery Johnston writes: “I’m continuing to my work in private practice as a psychologist, travel as much as possible, and get huge pleasure from times with my 4 daughters and their families. I serve on the boards of an art museum and the College of Art in Memphis, and I’m again on the Vestry at my church. I feel blessed and grateful, in spite of many reminders of the increasing aging process!”

Joan Broman Wright visited with classmate Mary Ann Hicklin Willingham. They toured the newly restored Montpelier home of James Madison and drove to the country side for lunch at a delightful French restaurant. In Oct. when Mary Ann was in route to Baltimore for foot surgery, she stopped by Charlottesville and they drove to SB to attend a luncheon. While there, they saw the bench our class gave in memory of Byrd. Joan has also recently visited with Marty Field Fite, Mimi Thornton Oppenhimer and Lou Galleher Coldwell.

Mary Koonz Gynn is still farming, an activity she “really enjoys and has been successful at.” She feels blessed with a wonderful family. Her son and daughter have terrific spouses and Mary enjoys her grandchildren. Mary says, “I am also blessed with a collection of supportive girlfriends many of whom I have known from SBC.” She stays active by playing golf, tennis, and biking.

Janet Monroe Schumann Marshall writes: “Most sadly, my beloved husband Henry Marshall died in 1/2012 with heart problems, which had been managed for many of years allowing him to remain at home until the end. The grief journey is a whole new world and one that is made possible by many family, friends and a terrific bereavement program by an area hospice.” She has wonderful new friends, explores yoga and meditation, and goes to the gym. “I’ve discovered Osher’s wonderful education programs and have explored Dante’s “Divine Comedy;” now taking courses on Eastern religions and Steven Sondheim’s work. I’ve found consolation in grief writing as well. My children are a great support. Patty and family (2 wonderful grandchildren) living in Ireland have been over 3 times in the last year, most recently for the holidays, during which we experienced a total furnace breakdown.” Her SB experience enabled her “to set out once again with confidence and a healthy exploration perspective.”

Nancy Ettinger Minor writes: “I am enjoying life on Skidaway Island, loving Savannah, and working with inner city 3rd graders. I am still active in my church. It’s my 6th year chairing art, antiques and collectibles group. I have fun entertaining, playing golf and less bridge.”

Bunny Burwell Nesbit writes: “In fall ’12 I decided I did want another Yorkie to bring joy and much laughter into my life. I was so busy volunteering all my time for our adult school and social committees and had no time for things I wanted to do. I resigned from these committees and found a Yorkie breeder. In Jan. after a Caribbean cruise, Miss Posh (a 4-month-old puppy) joined me at the Glenridge. Daughter Katherine had her left shoulder replaced last June, but was in top condition when she visited for Thanksgiving. Luckily she lives near Charlottesville and can take advantage of UVA Med school and its rehab facilities. Katherine and her husband Larry plan to return for another visit in May. Now that I’m freer I plan to travel, visit more friends and family and accomplish some long neglected tasks.”

We are sorry to report the sad news that Mary Ann Willingham’s husband Jim died 12/26/12. They had 7 happy years together before he started developing Alzheimers, making it necessary for him to spend the last 2 years in an Alzheimers facility. A graveside service was held in FL where Jim had lived for many years and a memorial service was held in Asheville where Jim had grown up.

Sadly, 2 of our classmates have died. Louise Mellor Gault (Ms. Louise M. Gault) died 5/23/03 in NYC. Louise Barry Bennett (Mrs. Homer B. Gibbs, Jr.) died 1/22/12 in Nashville, TN.