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Gail Davidson Bazzarre of Charlottesville, VA, died on Jan. 19, and Mary Langs Holekamp died on Jan. 12.

Anne Lyn Harrell Welsh, Sterling, VA, celebrated her 80th in Nov., surrounded by all four daughters and 26 old and new friends. She also gave a dinner party that included four couples from her West Point days. She was widowed in 1989, having lived in the house they built in McLean for 25 years. She and her youngest daughter Carol live together now. Carol has endured 13 years of poor health but still smiles, and they travel, especially to the Outer Banks, NC. Anne Lyn volunteers as a landscaper in her community and writes the prayer ministry for her church. She’s blessed with one grandson, Warren Michell, a freshman at Elon. Anne Lyn mentioned some anemones that Honey Addingon Passano dug up from Anne Lyn’s old garden years ago are still blooming in Honey’s garden on Gibson Island.

Ginger Chamblin Greene, Charlottesville, VA, has a new address: 250 Pantops Mt. Rd, #6102, Charlottesville. In Oct., she and her friend Fred Landess moved from their separate condos in Charlottesville to a cottage at Westminster-Canterbury in Charlottesville. They have been going out for about four years and enjoy traveling. One interesting trip took them to Holland. They lived on the barge, but rode bicycles all over the place to see the gardens. Ginger still does rock climbing and is a stable hand for horses in a riding therapy group.

In 1991, Dianne Verney Greenway, Wakefield, RI, legally changed her name to Lumina. Living in Taos and Maui, she found people there often changed their names. So she did! While she has had hip surgery several times on one hip, she is planning to go to China and Maui this spring to visit family. Lumina loves living in RI, where she grew up.

Suzanna Bernard Odence, Cotuit, MA, says that in her 40s and 50s, she traveled all over the world with her husband. Now she’s pursuing piano, painting and writing.

Didi Stoddard, Carlisle, MA, goes to the Cape almost every weekend in the winter and finds it beautiful! She was in two separate automobile accidents. Still, she plans to go to Turks and Caicos soon.

Kathleen Peebles Ballou, Atlanta, GA, travels all over and still goes back and forth to Macon from Atlanta. She and husband Dennis visited Anne Williams Manchester and Eli in Manasota Key this winter. Kathleen became a Silver Life Master in bridge! She’s planning a trip this summer to the NC mountains with several other Sweet Briar classmates.

Sue Lawton Mobley, Atlanta, GA, has been living at Canterbury Court in Atlanta for six years. Lamar Ellis Oglesby ’54 moved in recently. I heard elsewhere that Sue is the chairman of the residents. She stays very busy, but not too busy for her granddaughters (16 and 18).

Newell Bryan Tozzer, Atlanta, GA, enjoys life in Atlanta and seeing her son and daughter and grandchildren, all nearby. She was head of Atlanta SBC Alumnae Living Room Learning, but has passed that job on to Camille, and just helps her with what must be a very popular endeavor since over 200 people have signed up!

Betty Byrne Gill Ware, Richmond, VA, enjoys traveling with husband Hudnall to many places, including Jackson Hole, WY, recently. They spend time in the summer at their place at Smith Mountain Lake, near Roanoke, and in the winter, they spend several months in Naples, FL. Betty Byrne enjoys bridge, golf, community work and exercise. It’s a full life with children and grandchildren visiting, too!

Meta Space Moore, Charleston, SC, is involved in St. Michaels Church in Charleston and keeps up with her children and grandchildren in Charleston, Princeton, NJ and IL. Daughter Margaret and her family live in Princeton, where Margaret is head of the alumni association at Princeton U. Meta will visit Bermuda this summer with her son and his family.

Camille Williams Yow, Atlanta, GA, said the annual Sweet Briar Day was held at her house in Jan. and that President Jo Ellen Parker was there. Mary Lee McGinnis ’54 came from Charleston and Dilly Johnson Jones ’54 came from Macon. She is involved with Atlanta SBC Alumnae’s Living Room Learning with seven lectures this Jan. and Feb. They’ll meet at the Atlanta History Center due to the 245 participants that have signed on! The topic this year is WWI.

Emily Hunter Slingluff, Virginia Beach, VA, enjoys keeping up with classmates! Please keep sending news! I’m busy with my new book which just came out: “Parenting without Punishment.” I’ve been writing articles and giving talks, so let me know if you have any ideas to help spread these ideas about parenting. The response has been thrilling, almost a surprise! I had a full page article published in USA Magazine and some more articles are coming out in local publications. This is not at all the usual book about how to manage the complex problems of parenting. Instead, it’s about the clarity, simplicity and pleasure of parenting, and about how everybody is affected by how every parent treats her child. Sending thankfulness and love to all with happy thoughts of our lives at Sweet Briar and today.