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Dede Harrison Austin wrote me a wonderful email from her house in Savannah. She has been in a wheelchair ever since the terrible car accident. I think her spirits sounded amazingly good. Wow.
Bexie Faxon Knowles, who lives in Yarmouth, ME, and in Naples, FL, lost husband Bob on June 29 while in Florida, just a few mos. before his 90th birthday. They had 38 yrs. together, full of adventures. He was in failing health and Bexie was by his side for much of the past mos. Bexie has gone back to Maine. Both Nella Gray Barkley and Shirley Sutliff Cooper went to Maine for Bob’s memorial service.
Kathleen Peebles Ballou is happily living in Atlanta with husband Dennis, traveling and enjoying life. She sees Newell Bryan Tozzer and Mary Reed Simpson Daugette and other Sweet Briar classmates in Atlanta. She is a Bridge Life Master. Probably she is a master at lots of other good things, too.
Honey Addington Passano and husband Bill were at Virginia Beach in July. They both looked great and are enjoying life in retirement at their homes in Baltimore, on Gibson Island nearby and in the Bahamas. We talked about Sweet Briar and marveled that she was one of only two classmates who went back for our 55th reunion. Betty Byrne Ware was the other. However, many of us ’55 classmates stay in good touch! Betty Ware writes that we can start thinking about our 60th reunion coming up in only two yrs.! Could it be?
Nella Gray Barkley was in Norfolk several mos. ago for Kirkland Tucker Clarkson’s (1953) birthday party. Nella looked fabulous as usual. She still lives in Charleston and does her exciting job in New York.
Betty Byrne Gill Ware and Hudnall live a full life, going to Naples, FL, in winter and Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia often in the summertime, but living in Richmond where Betty plays golf, goes to exercise, plays bridge and is involved with many worthwhile projects.
Peggy West Valentine writes from Richmond that her life is wonderful with children and grandchildren all around. I think all of them live in Richmond near Peggy and Henry. She has a granddaughter entering UVa this fall and other grandchildren at Denison, Cornell and H-SC, plus two at St. Catherine’s and two at St. Christopher’s in Richmond. She enjoys seeing Betty Sanford Molster and Betty Ware in Richmond, and often sees Emmy Coxe Winburn when she comes to visit her sister in Richmond. Peggy mentioned the sad news that Leezie Parrish Laughlin ’56 died recently. Many in our class were close to Leezie. I know I was.
Emmy Coxe Winburn still lives in Savannah, but spends time at her house on the river in Beauford, SC., too. I had a good visit with her there several yrs. ago. She takes painting lessons and speaks French with a teacher once a wk. and sounds very fit with Pilates classes, too.
Emily Hunter Slingluff has a website, www.emilyslingluff.com, because of a new, short book coming out soon. In the midst of going in the ocean when it’s not too rough, enjoying family and friends, playing bridge a lot, and some gardening, that book project has taken up much time for many yrs.
Maybe lots of our classmates have websites? Let’s hear! Please keep the news coming any time! And remember our class song, “We’re the Tops! We’re the Greatest!”