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Starting with sad news, Mary Whitelaw Baldree died on 10/9/12. We send sympathy to all her family.

Phyllis Joyner, from NYC, and I had a good telephone talk. She’s so wise! She said this is an interesting time of life for us, and I thought of death being prominent at this stage. But what she meant was better. She said that our minds are so important. And I thought well, she means that some of us are losing some capability of mind. But no, she was thinking deeper. She said that our mind set is so very important at this age. A positive outlook matters so much. We have been through many experiences and we have learned, or maybe should be realizing, that we need not seek the approval of others in what we do, but simply do our best; and I think she meant, enjoy this very special life. She sounded very happy and is delving into new thoughts as she also exercises and creates, as she paints, and helps various charities, too.

Pat Smith Ticer, in Alexandria, VA, is enjoying a quieter life after being the mayor of Alexandria for 13 years and then a state senator in VA for 16 years. That is certainly public service! We know she has helped. She now has 3 children living in the state and one in CA. One daughter and her husband, in Alexandria, have 2 very popular restaurants there, La Bergerie and Delray Café. Betty Byrne Gill Ware saw her in church when Betty Byrne and Hudnall were visiting in Alexandria several months ago. The Wares also just happened to go to one of the restaurants and found out, when there, that it is one of Pat’s son-in-law’s restaurants, and very good, too.

Peggy West Valentine, Richmond, VA, says she and Henry are spending several weeks this winter in Delray Beach, FL, with their children coming, too. I sometimes see her children who are so nice and the 2 sons, handsome, and 2 daughters, beautiful! She says that 5 grandsons are enjoying college. Peggy sends love to our classmates!

Mary Boyd Murray Trussell, writes from Columbus, GA, that they spend a lot of time in Panama City Beach, FL, where they have a condo. Their son, Walter, and his family live there so they love seeing them. They recently had a trip to Marsh Harbor in the Abacos, visiting friends there. She wrote that they enjoy helping with a prayer ministry for the homeless at their church. She added that she looks forward to seeing Camille Williams Yow when she comes to Columbus this winter.

Jane Feltus Welch is starring in A.R. Gurney’s play, “Love Letters,” in Louisville, this Feb. Wouldn’t we all like to see her in that? Oh yes, our famous actress! She spends some time in NYC, but mostly is in Louisville, and plans a visit to Naples, FL, this winter, too.

Honey Addington Passano writes from Baltimore that her daughter, Joanne, and husband are moving from NY back to Baltimore, which makes Honey happy of course! Other daughters are in Charlottesville and on the eastern shore of MD, and their son is in the publishing business in NJ. Honey and Bill are enjoying Baltimore living and also their house on Gibson Island. She keeps up with Bexie Faxon Knowles.

Sue Bernard Odence writes from Cotuit, MA, that for many years she travelled all over the world with her husband in international agriculture, and now she’s pursuing her interests of enjoying the grandchildren, playing the piano, painting, and writing! That sounds good!

Emily Hunter Slingluff, reports from Virginia Beach that all is well here. A very little book I have been working on for many years is being published in a few months. This is both exciting and scary for me! Not sure of title, which I keep changing. Please, all 1955 classmates, send me emails telling me about you! A letter or a phone call will work, too! We all want to know about each other! Doing these class notes not only makes me appreciate our classmates, but has made me aware how all of us seem to keep in touch with other, even so long after our college days! Ending as usual with the words of our class song, to make us smile and remember our wonderful days at Sweet Briar, “We’re the greatest!”