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A note from her daughter, Kendall Ames Wayner, tells us that Barbara Tompkins Ames died a year ago. Kendall says Barbara would’ve loved to be at our big 60th reunion. The class sympathies go out to her family.

Doreen Booth Hamilton is still involved with the Children’s National Medical Center where she’s on the Emeritus Board and with the National Cathedral where she occasionally sees Peggy Jones Steuart. She’s about to become associated with Sibley Hospital. Doreen has 10 grandchildren.

Bev Smith Jeans details about her new marriage. “After nine years of widowhood I remarried. We’d intended for the wedding to be low-key sending no invitations and only mentioning in our Christmas cards that there would be a wedding ‘between two old coots in two old suits.’ Nearly 80 people from CA to RI showed up, Nan Locke Rosa ’53 among them.” Bev keeps in touch with Ann Henry Wilson, Sally Bumbaugh, Lynn Carlton McCaffree, Barbara Ballard Wommack and Scott Bryce Griffey, whom she sees regularly since she lives in Houston near Bev’s husband’s daughter. Bev’s SBC daughter lives in Mobile, and she and Vaughan Inge Morrissette’s children and grandchildren are good friends.

Ann Thomas Donohue isn’t able to make reunion because of unwilling knees. And Dilly Johnson Jones either because of a bad back. Dilly has heard from Billy Isdale Beach, who lives fairly near her in GA. Billy is hoping to sell their business. She has heard from Shirley Poulson Broyles and Page Anderson Hungerpillar, both of whom are still gorgeous, but also can’t come to reunion either. Shirley will be in Europe celebrating Norris’s birthday and Page’s health is not up to the trip. Dilly, Shirley and Lamar Ellis Oglesby represented our class at the Sweet Briar Day Atlanta luncheon. Dilly’s daughter Louise SBC ’84 took her to the luncheon. Dilly enjoys her new home at Carlyle.

Mary Jane Roos Fenn plans to attend reunion, as does Mary Hill Noble Caperton. Sadly, Mary Hill’s longtime partner, Tom Hughes, died in Feb. after a long bout with Alzheimer’s. He was 91 and greatly admired in Charlottesville. Old graduate students and colleagues are coming from all over to honor him. Mary Hill is selling her 1830s cottage and moving to a condo. Later this summer Mary Hill is going on a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. She goes to water aerobics 5 days a week, takes courses, goes to plays, concerts, and sees lots of her children who still live either here or in Richmond. She has 12 grandchildren. One grandchild is being married this summer. Mary Hill had lunch not long ago with (Rosalee) Alexes Ogilvie Echols and Martha Dabney Leclere.

Anne Allen Pflugfelder is living now at Vicar’s Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Her daughter and family live in northern VT. Her son is ‘Science Bob Pflugfelder.’ He teaches elementary school science at Fessenden School outside of Boston and appears regularly on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Dr. Oz Show and Live with Kelly and Michael.

Margaret Lotterhos Smith is living in Houston. Ames had a hip replacement, but is looking forward to golf again. They won’t be able to come to reunion as they’re going on a short cruise. Their last big trip was to China. They have one (and another almost) great-grandchild. Their younger son is a surgeon in Seattle. Margaret keeps busy with bridge, a book discussion club, golf, water aerobics, walking, Bible study and family activities.

Sally Gammon Plummer went on two big birding trips in 2013—one to Southwest TX and one to the CO Plateau in UT and AZ. She’s active in her church, volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, is in two book groups and takes courses.

Jerry Driesbach Ludeke is still traveling, principally by train. They had a big gathering at Christmas at her son Scott’s home in San Francisco. Kevin and family came from Costa Rica and grandchildren came from all over. Then Jerry went to Costa Rica for a wedding. She also spent a week with her sister GA in Charlottesville. She enjoyed going to tapings of the Garrison Keillor show, and attending the famous Earl Lectures of the Pacific School of Religion at Berkeley. She went with the Archeological Conservancy to the Cahokia Mounds, near Springfield, IL. She was busy with her job as archivist for Bakersfield College.

As I write this, I’m preparing for another trip to Botswana with three other birding gals at the end of March. I can’t stay away from Africa. But I’ll be back in plenty of time to get to reunion! See you there!