Florence Pye Apy
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What a 60th reunion weekend we enjoyed! The weather was great. The campus was beautiful as always. Our president M.A. Mellon Root did a wonderful job working with the alumnae office putting together our activities so we wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. We had 19 classmates accompanied by a good number of husbands and a few “children.” This was an excellent turnout for a 60th reunion. We were happy to see Carolyn Smith return. Betty Bentsen Winn, whom we hadn’t seen in a few yrs., traveled from Texas and, as usual, Ginger Timmons Ludwick and David flew in from California. A photograph of our group appeared on page 75 of the Summer 2013 magazine. From left to right I am identifying us by our maiden names (with apologies to husbands): Pye, Wallace, Hudson, Graves, Bailey, Arata, Locke, Smith, Timmons, Tucker, Behlen, Shoemaker, Bentsen, Mellon, Duff, Tighe, Hodges, Liles and Johnson. Truly we missed all who were not able to join us.
At the alumnae luncheon Maggie Graves McClung announced that Nancy McDonald had bequeathed $2 million to the College in her will. At our class meeting, Ginny Hudson Toone was elected class president and I will continue as secretary. Ginny’s address is 3 E. 6th St., Carrollton, MO 64633. Her email is [email protected]. You will note that I have a new address listed above. Chet and I succumbed to “senior citizenitis” and moved into a continuing care facility in the town in which Chet had his law office and where I had lived while at SBC. Thanks to all who made the effort to make our reunion a success. You succeeded.
The 30 responses to our questionnaire indicate that most of us are enjoying the freedom that goes with retirement. We are volunteers in charitable and political organizations and/or following interests that were postponed until we had fewer family obligations. Many are trying to keep in contact with grandchildren and even great-grandchildren who live all over the world. Too many are widows and others unfortunately are dealing with the vicissitudes that come with age.
On a personal note, we no sooner returned home than husband Chet developed symptoms that resulted in open-heart surgery—triple bypass, an aortic valve and a pacemaker. Fortunately he is recovering and should be back hiking in a few mos.
If you send Christmas letters, please share a copy with me, as Anne (Kim) Green Stone did recently, so I was able to include her news in our last column.