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Congratulations to Janet Hamilburg Churchill, who was inducted into the SBC Athletics Hall of Fame for her achievements in horsemanship, both in college and post graduation. In 1955 she was appointed Master of the Groton (MA) Hunt Club. She was head of the riding division for Girls’ and Women’s Sports of the National Education Foundation Assn. She later became a pilot and authored several books on aviation. In 2000 she was inducted into the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame. A complete article about Janet appeared in a Sweet Briar Newsletter. The Class of ’53 is very proud of her success in her multiple endeavors.

Since the 8/2012 Alumnae Magazine deadline, we have unfortunately lost several classmates. Anne Clark Gildea died on 8/28/12 in Charleston, SC. Anne was with us freshman year. She continued her education at UVA where she became one of the first women to graduate from the university. Following her retirement as a teacher she became executive director of St. Andrew’s Day School, owned Le Grand Tour, a bicycle ship, and served on the board of directors of The Footlight Players. Her husband, Michael Mayo Gildea, predeceased her. Their 2 daughters, Molly and Lucy, their son, Matthew, and 4 grandsons survive.

On 10/7/12 Patsy Phillips Brown died of cancer at her home in Forest, VA. As you may remember Patsy married our popular SBC postmaster, Carlyle Brown, in 1950. At the time of her death they were married for 62 years. In 1982 she earned her M.A. in Education. She taught for 21 years in Amherst County Schools before retiring. The class sends its sympathy to Carlyle, to their 4 children and to their 5 grandchildren.

Isabel Grayson Parish died on 12/23/12 in Pinehurst, NC. The following words in her obituary are particularly apropos: “Isabel was a consummate lady, embodying elegance, style and grace,” so true—and a wonderful way to remember her. Isabel attended most, if not all, our reunions accompanied in her later years by her husband, Hav. Hav survives her as do 3 of her 5 sons as well as 12 grandchildren.

Anne Elliott Caskie’s husband, Challen, died on Christmas Eve in Richmond, VA. He had been afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. Anne has had her own medical problems in recent years, but lovingly, with an aide, cared for Challen during his last years. Our sympathy to Anne, their daughter and her husband, Trudy and Clifford Porter, and 3 grandchildren, Anne, Caroline, and Borden.

I heard via email from Carol Exnicios Tucker as follows: (with some slight editing with Carol’s permission). “I’ve been living in Tampa since 1977 when Bill was working for RCA. Bill died in 2006 while we were in Russia (not recommended), but luckily I have 2 children and some adorable grandchildren living within walking distance, and a son in CT.” Carol still plays tennis and has become addicted to the opera via MET and simulcasts.

A Christmas photo from Anne Joyce Wyman and husband Joseph pictured Anne in a wheelchair. She looked remarkably well and was dressed in her usual chic style. However, the message indicated that she had suffered a stroke in 1/2012 and was still in therapy learning to walk and talk. We wish you well, Anne.

I still look for “lost” alumnae. Via computer I found Nancy McGinnis Whitehead, who responded by returning her questionnaire promptly. She is in a nursing home in Boone, NC. Her reply indicated that she is relatively content with her life there. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, she says her mind is still sharp and she keeps up with the political scene. I also found Reed Johns Gay. It is good to have them back on our lists. If you would like to have their addresses, please let me know.

Ongoing correspondence with Edie Norman Wombwell has kept me up to date on news. She and George are selling their home in CO and will stay in Louisville. Managing 2 homes so far apart has proved somewhat difficult in recent years.

Our president, M.A. Mellon, reports from Hilton Head, NC, that “life is slow here.” She and Jackie Lowe Young, a fellow resident of Hilton Head, enjoy good times together. In July and Aug. duty called and M.A. responded by taking two trips to NYC to provide TLC to her daughter who had both knees replaced. Always a mother first.

Jane Yoe Duggan is living in Atlanta and said she is fine. However her husband, John, had 3 surgeries during 2012. Their aide is now gone and she and John are going to be “flying alone,” as she expressed it. She added that she keeps in touch with Nan Locke Rosa and Midge Chace Powell. She and John have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Lastly I received a Christmas letter from Anne “Kim” Green Stone, who is alive and well in Fair Oaks, TX. During the year she and John acted as tour guides for family and friends, visiting the LBJ Museum and the historic sites in the San Antonio area, home of the Alamo. The highlight of her letter was a description of a trip to Peru where they traveled by river boat on Amazon, saw impressive ruins of pre-Inca civilizations, and a marine sanctuary on the Ballestos Islands. Fortunately they had the services of a good house and horse sitter at home.

By the time you read this, our 60th reunion will be an event of the past. News gleaned from the questionnaires will appear in the next notes.