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Shortly after submitting the last class notes, Edie Norman reported that Shirley Rankin Dumesnil’s husband, Ed, died on 1/29/2012 of leukemia. Edie expressed her condolences at a later date at lunch with Shirley. Edie also reported that Jane Dawson Mudwilder of Anchorage, Ky., died on 5/18/2012. Jane was a retired realtor. Her husband Robert predeceased her. She was survived by four children and six grandchildren. Caroline Miller Ewing attended the viewing. Our class extends sympathy to both families. Our sympathy also goes to the family of Louise Somerville Krotzer who died in Philadelphia, Pa., on 11/10/2008. She was survived by her husband, Henry, three daughters and three grandchildren. The Krotzers had moved to Philadelphia from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I spoke with Louise several months before she died. She had completed her freshman year at Sweet Briar. June Arata Pickett’s husband Bob died on 5/8/2012. C. J. and Katzy Bailey Nager attended the funeral. June and Bob’s son had already made plans before Bob’s death to move to Vero Beach to be near June and Bob. Again, our sympathy to June and her family.

Happier news: Jack and Kirk Tucker Clarkson celebrated the 60th anniversary of her Junior Year in France with her Paris roommate. She saw all the members of her French family and stayed in a country home near Tours with the son of the lady with whom she had lived. This was followed by a trip to England to visit her World War II pen pal.

Caroline Miller Ewing wrote that she had moved to a “smaller place.” She added that the skills in theater and set design which she had learned as a member of Paint and Patches have helped her in “downsizing.” She takes joy in having her granddaughter matriculate at Georgetown U., husband Bud’s alma mater.

Nan Locke Rosa and Frank are looking into a Panama Canal cruise to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. For Nan’s 80th birthday her daughter, son-in-law and husband feted her with a surprise party for 30 friends and family members.

Polly Sloan Shoemaker and Jimmy and Betty Behlen Stone spent a weekend in April with Jack and Kirk at their Fla. home. Kirk also sees Eleanor Johnson Ashby and Katty Turner Mears frequently. In May the last two of the Clarkson’s four grandchildren graduated from college, Jack III from Ole Miss and Tucker from U. of Ga.

The Apys expect that the last of their 10 grandchildren to graduate in 2033 on a date which may conflict with our 80th reunion! In the meantime we enjoyed a mini-reunion with Princeton’s Class of ’54, which took us to Portugal and Spain via the Douro River. Hope to see all of you in May at our 60th reunion (May 31- June 2).