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Thank you all for writing. Our hearts go out to Joan Davis Warren and Janet Broman Dingle who have both been widowed. Their messages follow.

Joan Davis Warren: Sadly, Andy died 12/5/12. A sudden downturn, so he didn’t suffer. We’d have been married 60 years in June. Thinking of Joan Widau Marshall. We are recovering and on my way to a new life, like the Mayan calendar. And have 4 children, in-laws, and 4 grandchildren. Two families live here and one each in Tucson and Orlando.

Janet Broman Dingle: This past year has been one of many transitions. After several years of declining health, Larry’s battle with Alzheimer’s finally came to an end on Thanksgiving Day 2012. He and I had been married for 30 years, and I will cherish many memories of the wonderful times we spent together. His memorial service was truly a celebration of his life, as it was held on what would have been Larry’s 92nd birthday. This Thanksgiving also marked the one-year anniversary since I moved to a retirement community in Chagrin Falls, OH. I have grown to feel at home in my new place and have made many new friends. I am currently trying to sell the condo where Larry and I lived for the last 12 years, so if you know of anyone who wants to move to Chagrin Falls, let me know! I am very grateful for my 2 daughters and their families and enjoy many special visits with them all. As of March, I will have 3 great-grandchildren. Love to all.

Mary Pease Fleming: Happy New Year to you and your family! I’m reporting that the Christmas greetings from my SBC friends were few this year. I heard from Jean Duerson Bade in Louisville, who says she “can’t remember my name, but sure does remember all the great ‘ole’ days together.” I had a nice card from Eugenia Ellis Mason in Petersburg, VA. Ann Sheldon Campbell, who lives here in Richmond (at the other retirement home) with her husband, Bill, gave me a great gift this year—a visit and Mr. and Mrs. Santa—a pair of salt and pepper shakers that magnet together! Rives and I are doing well here at Cedarfield and looking forward to the days to come—we even played 9 holes of golf yesterday!

Anne Sinsheimer: I am grateful that I can still read with ESL children, walk the dog, attend a Women’s gym, knit, play bridge, and who knows what else.

Jean Graham “Randie” Randolph Bruns: For years I said my life consisted of weeding and reading and running the B&B in the VA mountains. Now it’s keeping up with an international family. My sister (Beverley Randolph Knight ’46) said of her children’s marriages that she got one Mexican, one German, and one Episcopalian. This Christmas my son Bryan flew in from Vietnam, has just returned from a month’s World Bank work in Egypt. Anything he does has to do with water (irrigation, water rights, etc.). His older daughter arrived for Christmas from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she has been working, has been poised with me this winter, and next will go to graduate school in London. Her sister is at Occidental Coll. in Los Angeles. Their Thai half-brother and his Argentine wife are right here in Seagrove Beach, FL, working, buying a house, etc. Meanwhile my grandson Logan, former Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan and now a nurse, is working in Washington, DC. He and his Argentine wife made me a great grandmother a year ago and went to Buenos Aires for the baby’s baptism just after Christmas. Daughter Mary was there for that event also. Her daughter is taking leave from being a NY attorney and is working on a special project and spending a lot of time in South Africa. That only covers my immediate family: cousins, in-laws, nieces and nephews bring in Germany, France, Senegal, and Bulgaria. No wonder the International Herald Tribune is my newspaper! I do have one grandson in school here in FL. I go back to VA 3/10.

Ann Mountcastle Blechta: You are so faithful to keep us all together. (I love this message. PF)

Susan Taylor Hubbard:I have no big news. I spent Christmas here with my daughter’s dog Willa, a beautiful Airedale, and my mutt Zoe, who have a good time wrestling and chewing at each other. I was glad not to be on the road! I have discovered that I really enjoy knitting and sewing so that is how I spend a lot of time. Also, Altar Guild and the Audubon Society and an exercise class with good friends. No health complaints. Tomorrow I will go to the SBC gathering, a breakfast at the NorfolkYacht Club. Marie Ironmonger Bundy (my freshman roommate) will be there—the only other ’51er .

Lynne McCullough Gush: We have performed the duo transcript of Nutcracker 3 times and have 3 more with parties starting this weekend. The 8-ft tree is up with my 60-year-old collection of ornaments, and all is well. I did not enjoy putting up outside lights in 85 degrees on a ladder, but a Mexican beer helped. We are having a drought again and the patio doors have gone insane with the Earth’s shifting. A fellow will come Thurs. to fix them. My flowers are still blooming and the AC is cranking away. Now that the Nutcracker is over, the search begins for new music to perform in the spring and summer. I’m also researching duos for the students—a project we undertake each year after the holidays. My best students are Korean.

Betty Browder Nibley:I’m still very happily living at the Army Distaff Foundation/Knollwood in Washington, DC. All the residents here are related to military in some way. We have fabulous trips, concerts, movies, bridge, etc. I especially enjoy water aerobics, but participate in 6 exercise classes a week. My son Stuart and wife Liz live nearby with 4 grandsons in college, finished college, living nearby, and one in high school. Other grandchildren live in NJ and attend college in NC and NJ. Another son, Peter and his wife live near Annapolis. Granddaughter Suzanne goes to LSU and loves it. I miss all my SBC classmates, but urge them to have as much fun as I’m having. I still hear from Mary Kraus Pierson.

Julie Micou Eastwood: What’s to be said about the mostly sedentary life we lead these days? Dick has really slowed down, reading and sleeping a lot and not getting out very often. I am still swimming and am active in the Rossmoor Camera Club print group displaying prints at several locations here and as treasurer of the Mac Users group. We are lucky to have our children nearby, seeing Lib often and Ben when he is not traveling for Apple.

Ann Benet Yellott: Keep up your good work with the Animal Shelter—that’s important! I’ve done therapy work with my dogs in the past, and plan to continue with my current fox terrier when she’s ready. Just had her 2 months and just started obedience training with her. She’s a cutie, and loves people. Wish I could take my horse—he loves people too!

Ann Taylor “Shelly” Campbell: My news is that I’m coming to the Bay Area, to Walnut Creek. The occasion is a celebration of my brother, Bill Sheldon’s birthday. We are gathering all of his children and any spouses, and both of my boys. It will be the first gathering of all the cousins ever! After Monday things will have quieted down, I’ll have a car and a GPO, and I thought it might be fun if you are free for lunch or to meet someplace convenient. (Alas, the visit didn’t work out, but Shelly did see Julie Micou Eastwood—PF). My return trip is Tuesday 2/5 from SFO—I am staying to see a program Bill’s wife Roberta has planned Mon. night for the Rossmoor community. I thought it would be fun to include it in my itinerary. Other than this, things have been quiet for us. We had lunch with Mary Pease Fleming and Rives not long ago in Cedarfields, the “other” retirement home in Richmond. (We being in the “original” one). I’m sorry we didn’t end up at the same place. I have loved your letters and your news; thank you for being so newsy.

Rosalie “Pinkie” Barringer Wornham: I am a “delete delete delete” fiend, but I have saved all of your emails both personal and about our class and I love rereading them all. Cataract surgery went well and my vision is better—hopefully will get even better as soon as the brain connects with the eyes! Children and grandchildren are all doing well. Amara graduates from UVA in June, Celestine is a junior at Harvard, Chloe is a freshman at Boston U. and Caleb graduates from Milton Academy in June, probably headed for Harvard since it is “the Warren family school.” Tommy graduated from Princeton in June (awarded the “Scholar-Athlete award at graduation) and has a job in NY, which actually pays him real money and he loves it (the job and the money!) John is training with the Navy Seals, allowed to work out with them at Imperial Beach and hopes to become one of them. John lives with Tom and Lisa is La Jolla. Lisa is a treasure. My Tom is OK. We will celebrate 61 years of marriage on 12/20/12 and it has been quite a ride—best friends forever. And I’m fine, counting my blessings every day. SBC will be in my heart forever, especially the class of 1951.

Carolyn Sample Abshire: Basically, we are fine and feel so lucky to be living at Alexandria Goodwin House (Episcopal Retirement Home) because David has developed Pulmonary Fibrosis, and is on oxygen pretty much all the time these days. But they take great care of him, and have helped us with walkers, wheelchairs and things. He is still working—writing a memoir of his think tank and government years. I’m still involved in all sorts of volunteer stuff; see my dear, good buddy Nancy Pesek Rasenberger a lot. Our son Lupton Abshire, has just moved to Ft. Collins, CO, to be the Rector of St. Luke’s Church there. Finding the right place took a long time, but the family is so happy to be in that very beautiful part of the world. I would love to be back in touch with Pinkie Barringer Wornham in La Jolla.

Patty Lynas Ford: It is such a joy to hear from so many of you and to get to know some people that I didn’t know in college. We have so many mutual interests. I began my 17th year as a volunteer at our local animal shelter this month (March). Originally, I was there 3 mornings a week, but now do just 2. There are many happy tales of rehabilitations and adoptions. Recently, I have written 2 letters to the SBC Admissions Office supporting the admissions of 2 promising young ladies whom I had not met. One is a daughter of a friend of a friend. We had a lovely and lively correspondence and SBC was the only college she had ever wanted to attend. She is now a sophomore. The other is the daughter of our daughter’s good friend from high school. From the time I first heard from her, I knew she and SBC would be a good fit. And she is accepted! Because of my letter of recommendation, the Admissions fee was waived—a pleasant surprise for both of us! Thank you again for your contributions. Please write to me at any time. Our next due date is 8/19/13. Thank you!