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In almost two years we will celebrate our 60th anniversary as a class. Maybe a reunion? We now number 60 lively members, most in our 80s. Send me a card or an email if you would like contact information for all ’49s.

Mary Fran Brown Ballard worked the national election to success, but was glad when the pressure was off. She and Don now walk with canes, but as she doesn’t see well enough to drive, Don cheerfully does it all. They stay close to home and the family comes to them.

Judy Easley Mak and Dayton decided to stay put in their DC house. They took a wonderful last ocean voyage on the Queen Mary II, spent three nights in London and flew home in time for Christmas. Judy is still selling real estate and doing her early morning swims. She attended the funeral of Sally Ayers Shroyer’s husband Louis in mid-Jan. He was an Air Force colonel. Our sympathy to Sally and her family.

Emily Pruitt Jones and Saunders remain in their home in Birmingham, AL. Emily continues to compose charming songs with illustrations.

Katie Cox Reynolds reported the sad news of the 9/2012 sudden death of Larry Lawrence Simmons’ son Paul (54) of acute appendicitis. Katie and Phil stay so busy with good health habits, music, theater and golf that they were traveling less. However in March, they are planning a week at Hilton Head when grandson Chris Reynolds, a student at the Julliard School in NYC, will play in an international music competition.

Caroline Casey Brandt spent Christmas in Spartanburg, SC, with her “ex-banker now priest” son. Caroline was recognized as the only member of the Miniature Book Society to have attended every (30) annual meeting. Busy as she is, she plans to see Maggie Towers Talman, Libby Trueheart Harris and Kitty Hart Belew more often at Westminster Canterbury-Richmond, which is home for all of them.

Patty Levi Barnet had good reports regarding her cancer. She is walking ¾ of a mile a day, driving and “does stairs.” In April, she’ll go to Charleston for the wedding of Patti, her granddaughter/namesake.

Anne “Flip” Eustis Weimer and I attended Jean Taylor’s funeral in May. Flip has settled into a retirement community and is keeping busy with all its activities as well as those in her church and old neighborhood.

Jacqueline Jacobs Leffers loves living on a bluff on Lookout Mountain, TN, in her daughter’s antique three-story house. Most of her old friends are widows “with a few old men walking around.” She joined the Episcopal Church there. She also discovered Lean Cuisine and has lost 35 pounds!

Although Judy Baldwin Waxter’s death (6/3/12) was reported earlier, Pat Brown Boyer wrote of her attendance 12 years ago with Judy and Bill Waxter at an early meeting of the Sweet Briar Forum they founded. Dr. E.O. Wilson, noted author and naturalist was the speaker. Judy and Bill’s children plan to continue this program.

Preston Hodges Hill has lived in her Denver home 50 years and is probably good for decades more. She rotates between it and her Aspen condo and her children’s homes. Many clubs, tennis, swimming, bridge, church, theater, and her little dog Jimmy keep her busy.

Alice Trout Hagan has found Walter Brown, Bunny’s husband and our honorary ’49er, has moved to Princeton, NJ. Alice is in her third year at a retirement home and doing so well that she recently discarded her walker for a cane. She had heard from Maggie Towers Talman, who also boasts good health. “I’m walking or doing the gym half an hour almost every day! My five children and I will take our eleventh Siblings and Mom trip at Wrightsville Beach, NC, this year—a childhood favorite for everyone. My life is happy and still expanding. I hope to hear from all of you soon. No Facebook or Twitter here!

Caroline Casey Brandt reported her older son is a basket case about turning 60 this year. Her smart retort we could all share: “That’s not as bad as being the mother of a 60-year-old!”