Dale Sayler Morgan
486A Beaulieu Ave.

Savannah, GA 31406
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Julie Mills Jacobsen
4416 Edmunds St. NW

Washington, DC 20007
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Mary Haskins King
501 Kimberly Dr.

Greensboro, NC 27408

I’m lucky to have this job. Our class numbers 52 today and it’s such a pleasure to touch base again with classmates of yore. Julia Mills Jacobsen called to remind that our news is long overdue; so here I am again. Her sight is still impaired from a small stroke some years ago; and she ran her electric scooter into the side of the house a year ago and nearly lost her leg. As a result she had a lengthy hospital stay last winter. But her spirits are high. She hopes to make it back to SBC one more time –our 70th? To quote her “Everything seems to be hopping there and once again we have a president right for the times.” I must agree. I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Ellen Parker on her visit to Savannah. Julie stays in touch with Peggy Wyllie, and they plan to get together.

Anne Dickson Waldrop and her second husband are living in Salem, Va. In nearby Roanoke she sees Edie Page Gill Breakell, who suffered a stroke in Jan. and is still recovering with lots of exercise and therapy. Just before her stroke, she went to the Greenbrier with her daughter and granddaughter to enjoy good food and some gambling in their new casino.

Amanda Parsley Worth was widowed in 1991 after 43 years of fairly unremarkable activities, but a great deal of fun. She said she has no fantastic news; however, she has three children, three grandchildren and five great-grands. Her activities are lots of reading, cooking, walking, knitting and trips to the beach.

Mary Kathryn Frye Hemphill reported that all is well: “find a good retirement place, a good solution to your children’s worries about what to do with Mama.”

Wyline Chapman Sayler and husband Henry (who is my brother) claim that St. Petersburg is still the best place to live despite the heat. They’re perking long at ages 88 and 91. They have their little circle of travel, church and Racquet Club; she still drives (Henry has macular degeneration). They deliver Meals on Wheels for their Methodist Church and help make name tags for new church members. They have hung up their suitcases and think home is the very best place on the planet. Henry is still game to head to Mars if offered! Of their four boys, two are in town; one across the state and one in Ellijay, Ga. They have 10 grandchildren in Atlanta, Hilton Head, Fla., and their newest graduate from U. of South Fla. is an au pair in Germany. Wyline sends her love to all and is praying for the right political outcome!

Jean Ridler Fahrenbach had a busy summer with a cruise on the Great Lakes and trips to Portland, Maine for family reunions. She looks forward to a Rhodes Scholar Program at Glacier Park in Sept. It’s been a long hot summer in Vt., but she stays busy with Mah Jong, volunteer work and her computer. She is now learning to use an iPad because it “does everything.”

Betty Gray is in a retirement community. She stays busy, which means keeping in touch with friends, enjoying activities especially the pool and walks in the woods. Her motto is “keep working.” She sends best wishes to all.

Mary Haskins King sees her Lookout Mt. friends occasionally. Hilda Hude Chapin and her husband, Ed, are still in their home. Mary’s daughter is taking her to visit SBC in Oct. Her daughter is quite an artist. Frances Estes Seibels has 11 great-granddaughters and another on the way—amazing after having 2 daughters and 2 sons. Note sent from her iPad.

Hedy Edwards Davenport wrote that she’s blessed with good health and plenty to do. She built a house on the brow of Lookout Mt. at age 72. It’s been a joy with beautiful views of Chattanooga, the country and the river. She plays a bit of golf, hopefully good bridge, travels when chance arises, spend winters in her house in Fla. She goes to Spoleto in Charleston, S.C., every year and Music Festival in Aspen, Colo., in the summer. She has nine great-grandchildren and loves them all!

Cappy Price Bass has four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She seldom travels; has no pets; plays bridge once a week; always has a garden but cannot “pick” because of arthritis in a hip. Her husband, Bruce, is 94 and they’re celebrating almost 66 years together. Congratulations!

Lile Tucker Bell is happily living at Westminster Canterbury retirement facility in Richmond. Her dear Tom died in 1997. She has three daughters, six grands and four great-grands. She’s so lucky to be surrounded by family. A son and daughter-in-law live in Staunton. She goes to exercise classes, movies and other local events. Recent highlight was a grandson’s wedding in Raleigh. She just celebrated her 90th!

Mildred Carothers Healy has also been happily living in an assisted living facility since her Bill died two years ago. They had been at Vicar’s Landing Retirement Community in Ponte Vedra, Fla. for 18 years. They have eight grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. She says “How blessed can one be.”

Nancy-Ellen Feazell Kent and her husband divide their time between Atlanta and Hilton Head. They have four grands and five great-grands (four boys, one girl); a lovable rescue dog named “Sally,” and confess that they’re two seniors who act silly over her!

Harriett Porcher Barnwell is in a retirement home in Charleston, S.C. She’s a widow; has three children, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She uses a walker; reads constantly; does water aerobics three times a week; drinks martinis, and tries to find something to laugh about although there’s not much! “Oh, to roll back the years!”

Sarah Temple Moore is still up and kicking-enjoying her “golden years”! She’s having fun with old friends, going out to dinners and social events, family reunions held at the Homestead, Richmond and Savannah. She’s a proud matriarch of 22 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She still lives in the same “yard” where she was born 89 years ago. Recently honored by having a park close to her home named Temple. She keeps up with Mary Haskins King, a friend since grammar, high school and college; and Hedy Edwards Davenport, who came to Lookout Mt. for a short visit and never left.

My latest card just arrived from Ellen Marcus Kates, who says that life is enjoyable and that her son and daughter-in-law, who live nearby, bring her much pleasure. She reads, knits, goes cruising, works word puzzles, and enjoys shopping and studying earth sciences.

Mary Symes Anderson just celebrated her 90th birthday (in Woody Creek, Colo.) Helping with this grand event were her five children, six of her nine grandchildren, assorted in-laws and friends. They had an outdoor party, and she said she missed me!

After graduation, Doreen Brugger Wetzig, worked in a research lab where she met her future husband, a Dr. from Colo. They moved from N.Y., with a son and daughter, and lived in Colo. for 60 years; where they had another son and daughter. She now has three great-grandchildren. “It’s a great life.” Her husband passed away in 2006. She has had a stroke, but improves daily.

Mary Herbert Taylor, Columbia, S.C., wrote that their major claim to fame is that they are still living in the house they built 57 years ago. Edward (96) still plays tennis every day, and she walks one and a half miles each day. They stay busy keeping up with the routine of life and try to make a contribution to warrant their living so long. They’re indeed blessed with lots of family and a first great-grandchild (girl) born 8/28/12.

My (Dale Sayler Morgan) news is about the same except that it’s two years older. I lost my dear Philip 10 years ago and have missed him every day since. I’m still moving at a good pace and still driving; still active with Trustees’ Garden Club, Colonial Dames; needlepoint, bridge twice a week, attending church and its activities, civic events, and above all social events. Sometimes I find myself the oldest one at a party—what a compliment! My thanks to Sarah Temple Moore for sending me a clipping with my picture from The Garden Club of America August Bulletin greeting the delegates at the GCA Annual Meeting held in Savannah last April. It was the most fun ever. Shortly after this event I had a few days in the hospital and more time at home recuperating from bacterial bronchitis and discovering that I have A. fibrillations. I have found that it’s a common ailment and I’m back to normal, not even aware that I have it. I let my doctor carry that burden. I’m enjoying everything I do and plan to continue the pace. My two sons and their families live here, and they’re a joy. My daughter Diane and her husband Dick Viall are still in Sewickley, Pa., except for late Nov. thru April when they’re in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina, escaping the harsh winters in Pa. I have seven grandchildren; four are married and live in Atlanta, Newnan, Washington and Houston. I have four great-granddaughters: two in Newnan and two in Houston. They’re all very attentive to me and bring endless joy and happiness. I’m as proud as all of you. My closest companion is my eight yr. old Sheltie, Maggie, short for Magnolia. My fondest memories are of SBC and the friendships made when we were there. My best wishes and my love to all of you.