Ann Morrison Reams

771 Bon Air Cir

Lynchburg, VA 24503

[email protected]

Edie Brainerd Walter is in good spirits. She enjoys her daily walk, often to the library as she is a constant reader as well as active in other activities. Lamb Hodges Fuller is still living in her house in South Boston and enjoying bridge and a busy life. One of her daughters and her doctor son also live in town, which is a joy. Dottie Malone Yates in Atlanta is still keeping up with her gardening. She enjoys getting with Sudie Clarke Hanger weekly for lunch. Bless Bobbie Engh Croft’s heart. She always communicates at Christmas time with good news of her life and family. She is living in a cottage, has a busy life with several of her children close by. Mimi Galloway Duncan has lived in her Palm Beach home for 43 years. She stays in touch with Sally Schall Van Allen, whom I enjoy seeing each spring when she visits her son and daughter-in-law here in Lynchburg. Eloise Emglish Davies lives in a group home in Chestertown, MD, and sadly has lost her eyesight. I’m still in my house and enjoying the usual bridge, garden club lectures and concerts, as many of you are. All of us would love to hear from the rest of you, so please send news. Many thanks. P.S. Several days have passed, and I have picked up where I left off. Gloria Sanderson Sartor and I share the same birthday, so I gave her a call. She has had some health issues, but is holding her own. Lane is still with her, which is a blessing. She still enjoys playing the piano, and it was so good hearing about her daughters. I then called Lucy Call Dabney and had a long and conversation with her. She had tidbits of news about Debbie Wood Davis who lives in a retirement place in NY. Virginia McGuire Britt’s granddaughters have a successful shop in NY. We enjoyed reminiscing about many of you, recalling Butch Jackson Mead’s musically talented husband, Bobbie Engh Croft’s being Color Girl at Annapolis, wartime beaus, visits to UVA, etc. She reported that one of her grandsons is engaged to one of Peggy Gearing Wickham’s granddaughters. What a small world it is. We share so many similar experiences, tales of children and grandchildren. May I suggest that each of you pick up the phone and call an SBC friend. It’s such a very special treat and it will truly make your day! Please stay in touch and send news. God bless.