Ann Morrison Reams
771 Bon Air Circle
Lynchburg, VA 24503
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Greetings again. I really enjoyed hearing from several of you this summer. A call
from Lucy Call Dabney brought both good and bad news. She reported that
Peggy Gearing Wickham had died in Richmond at Westminster-Canterbury after a
busy and productive life. She also reported that she stays in touch with Debbie
Wood Davis who lives a busy and interesting life. Lucy says that quite a few SBC
alumnae live at W-C, and they enjoy getting together from time to time.

It was such a joy to hear from Sudie Clark Hanger in Atlanta. Remember that she
and Bill were some of the first to get married. She wrote that they are celebrating
their 70th anniversary on a nice trip, I think to the beach. (Sorry, I misplaced her
letter.) She stays in touch with Betty Hanger Lippincott, Bill’s sister who is still in
the Philly area and doing well.

A note from Rene Mitchell Moore’s daughter, Warren, brought the sad news of
her death last fall. Such news always reminds us of how many of our dear friends
are no longer with us, but it reminds us of so many happy times we shared there.
Her note also reminded me of how many of our classmates had daughters who
attended SBC, including Grace Bugg Muller-Thym, Eugie Burnett Affel, Betty
Blackmer Childs, Lucy Call Dabney, Sudie Clark Hanger, Peggy Gearing
Wickham, Betsy Gilmer Tremain, Nancy Goldbarth Glaser, Anne Hauslein
Potterfield, Grace Lanier Brewer, Polly Peyton Turner and possibly others.
Let me know if I overlooked anyone.

Sally Schall van Allen continues her annual visit to Lynchburg to attend the lovely
Mother’s Day party given by her son and daughter-in-law each spring. It’s a
highlight for all garden lovers in town. Wish I had more news. Things are going well
at SBC. I enjoy its summer theater each year. It’s fun to pack a picnic and spend a
lovely evening there with friends. Please continue to send news, maybe on a
Christmas card. All of us look forward to hearing from each other. Love always.