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I don’t know when you will be reading this, but I hope you will be cozy and warm. As I am writing, it is cold! Probably I feel it so much as I recently got back from two grand weeks visiting a friend in Boca Grande, FL, where we strolled the beach, floated in a warm pool, read, ate, talked and had a wonderful time. It was one of two of my “away from home” adventures this year. The other was a trip to Santa Fe, NM, last fall where we truly enjoyed the sights and sounds of that delightful place. It was my first visit there and I loved it. How about you? Have you been anywhere which you have not shared with us? If so, send the information.

Thanks to those of you who sent Christmas greetings. It was a special treat to hear from Lucy Lamb Hodges Fuller, who reported that she is still living on the hill in Halifax, VA. Her family is scattered far and wide. A nice note from Kay Coggins Clark reminded me of that awful day, 12/4/41, Pearl Harbor, and how she and two other students from the west coast were especially concerned. I doubt that any of us will ever forget what we were doing that day. Bless Ann Hauslein Potterfield. She always communicates with greetings from her and Tom in Charleston, WV. Betty Blackmer Childs is another old faithful. She and Mackall continue to live in Annapolis and report current news of two married grandchildren and three great-grands. Never in our wildest dreams, when we were sitting around talking at SBC, did we think that we would be sharing stories about our great-grandchildren! I can always count on Edie Brainard Walters who continues to do interesting things which we all enjoy—book clubs, gardening, walking and keeping up with what’s going on. And of course, I look forward to Bobby Engh Croft’s Thanksgiving letter. She had a grand year with the usual visits to Tucson and several other special treats. She enjoyed a trip to CA with daughters, Jean and Helen, and a visit with a grandson in San Diego. She also enjoyed an old riverboat trip on the Mississippi. She counts her blessings that three of her five children live in her area, which means they can enjoy many special occasions together. She is a good gardener, and is particularly proud of her vegetables. Who wouldn’t be? I am looking forward to Sally Schall Vanallen’s annual visit to Lynchburg with her son Kent and wife Kay for the Mother’s Day gathering in May. Thank those of you who sent greetings through the attractive young college traveler, Margie Lippard. I was especially pleased to hear from Sudie Clark Hanger and others in Atlanta. Love to each of you. Stay well and happy and send news.