Ann Morrison Reams
771 Bon Air Circle
Lynchburg, VA 24503
[email protected]

Reunion turned out to be great. Every one of you would have had a glorious time, and I missed you! Even though I was the only one representing our class, everybody welcomed me into their functions, so I had a double dose of nice experiences. As always, the panels of faculty, administrators, students and other alumnae were fascinating. The meals and other forms of hospitality were delicious, and the campus was beautiful. I hope all of you read the College magazine and keep up with all the additions and renovations, which are most impressive. However, the overall look and feeling of the campus, which we all love, remains the same. Unfortunately, none of you have sent any recent news. Sally Schall VanAllen is the only one I’ve seen, and that is always such a pleasure when she comes to the Mother’s Day tea, which her son, Kent, and wife, Kay, give each year at their lovely home here in Lynchburg. She is still beautiful and full of good humor and conversation.

Once in a while, I hear news from one of your grandchildren. Lucy Call Dabney’s granddaughter, Lucy, a most delightful young lady, continues to do a good job running the dining facilities at our elegant Craddock Terry Hotel. Laura Graves Howell’s daughter, Laura Howell James, has made quite a name for herself as an outstanding artist in Annapolis.

I’m blessed that I’m still in pretty good health, still live in my home of 50-plus years, enjoy my yard, especially cutting my grass on the riding mower, but I’m not looking forward to leaf raking, which is coming up soon. It’s hard work, and I’m pretty slow. I continue to go to SBC for quite a few occasions. The summer theater is always a treat, and I have kept up my involvement with the Friends of the Library. Be sure to keep up with the wonderful news of that expansion. It’s unbelievable. What a difference in the way students learn today from the way we learned.

We mourn the loss of our dear friends, Virginia “Beasle” Thayer Boothby, Jessamine Boyce Morris, Nancy Goldbarth Glaser, Elizabeth Chamberlain and Mary Stone “Stoney” Moore Rutherfoord.

I’d love to hear from you whether or not you have any news. Love to all.