INTD 118

The Writer as Public Intellectual

Prerequisite: Open only to first-year students in the y:1 program. Writers address the personal outcomes of political life and cultural norms. How do they articulate these conflicts, and when do they step out of their core genre into rhetorical writing and direct civic engagement? This course will study world writers in three broad categories: those who engage these issues as subject matter in their core creative genre, who step outside that genre to write rhetorically or discursively, and who take a public role in civic life outside their lives as writers altogether. Students will write expository essays that build on these models and will present their work in class. Readings will include Orhan Pamuk, Octavio Paz, Jorie Graham, James Baldwin, Robert Penn Warren, Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Josef Brodsky, Natasha Trethewey, and Adienne Rich. III.O