INTD 115

The Raw and the Cooked: Seeing Culture through Food

Prerequisite: Open only to first-year students in the y:1 program. The procuring and consumption of food is one of the requirements for all of humanity, and the ability to grow, store, and trade foodstuffs shapes cultures and their views of others. Identities are formed over what people eat and what others perceive as forbidden food: all religions have dietary restrictions and neighbors are judges by what they eat and how they prepare it. This course will look at the history of food as it affects group identity, from the mysterious beginnings of bread to the spice trade and finally to current movements such as Slow Food and locavorism. We will consider themes throughout the course of how food creates insiders and outsiders, how gender and food are interwoven, and how the exchange of food and cooking styles has created much of the modern world. III.O