HNRS 106

Blue Ridge History: Conserving the Land, Shaping the Future

Prerequisites: Open to first-year Honors students and permission of the instructor. This is a First-year Honors Inquiry course. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps employed millions of black and white men under the age of 25 in a massive effort to control soil erosion, reclaim farmland, protect forests from fire, develop national and state parks, and to provide paid work for young, unemployed men. At least a dozen segregated CCC camps were active in the Blude Ridge and Virginia Piedmont areas near Sweet Briar. This course introduces students to critical thinking and historical argument through an exploration of archival and published textual, visual and "built landscape" sources pertaining to nearby CCC activities. Course includes a hike to a former CCC camp in the Blue Ridge.