The grants office facilitates and manages funding to support Sweet Briar College.

The office encourages and supports the individual and collective efforts of faculty and staff to obtain funding from federal, state, private and internal sources. The grants office manages administrative processes, answers questions, and provides clarification on compliance and policies.

Grants are awarded for research and scholarship, teaching, professional development, service and departmental and institutional goals and priorities. Working closely with the dean’s office, the business office and alumnae relations and development, the grants office helps the College obtain support to fulfill its educational mission.

The faculty grants officer provides proposal preparation assistance. This assistance includes writing and editing proposals, preparing budgets, helping secure needed internal permissions and submitting completed proposals. The officer informs faculty and staff about grant opportunities and program deadlines and helps project directors with reporting requirements and other responsibilities for awarded grants.

The grants accountant¬†helps ensure that the College and project directors comply with the fiscal responsibilities and other requirements of awarded grants, monitors and prepares regular reports on grant expenditures, and trains new project directors in the College’s grant procedures. The grants accountant¬†also manages purchasing card accounts and faculty travel accounts. Both the faculty grants officer and the grants accountant can also help faculty with the preparation of reporting on internally funded faculty grants.