Spencer Bakich
Assistant Professor of International Affairs
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Spencer Bakich specializes in international relations theory, international security studies and American foreign policy. His particular interests center on the relationship between political and military objectives in limited warfare.

Bakich is currently preparing a book-length manuscript that examines how information flows within national security bureaucracies influenced strategic outcomes in four American wars: Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Iraq. He is the co-author of "Storming to Partition: Croatia, the United States, and Krajina in the Yugoslav War" (Small Wars & Insurgencies, 2009).

At Sweet Briar, Bakich teaches courses on American foreign policy, military force in international relations, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Bakich earned a Ph.D. in politics and an M.A. in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia, and a B.A. from James Madison University.

Steve Bragaw
Professor of Government
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Padmini Coopamah
Assistant Professor of International Affairs
(434) 381-6728
[email protected]

Padmini Coopamah is originally from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. She holds a bachelor's degree, with honors, in French from the University of Mauritius (1999) and a master's (2005) and doctorate (2009) in political science from the University of Arizona.

Her research and teaching interests lie in international development and the political economy of developing areas, especially sub-Saharan Africa.

Coopamah's dissertation research examined African states' responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, focusing on the role of democratic institutions and identifying several pathways to aggressive action.

Her current research on public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Africa seeks to understand under what circumstances these ventures are most likely to succeed and how their outcomes differ from previous development paradigms.

Coopamah joined the Department of Government and International Affairs at Sweet Briar in 2008. In addition to general comparative politics courses, she teaches seminars focusing on African politics as well as courses with a worldwide focus, such as Identity Politics in Cross-national Perspective.

Larry Janow
Adjunct Instructor of Government
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