Faculty for 2016-2017

Angelo Metzidakis

Chair of the Languages and Cultures Department

P | 434-381-6217
E | metzidakis@sbc.edu

Marie-Thérèse Killiam

Director of the French Program

P | 434-381-6108
E | killiam@sbc.edu

Languages and Cultures Department
Sweet Briar College
Sweet Briar, VA 24595

The French program is part of the languages and cultures department. Information about the other program in the department can be found on the following website:

Marie-Thérèse Killiam

Marie-Thérèse KilliamProfessor of French
Director of the French Program
Member of the Gender Studies Program Committee
Member of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program Committee

P | 434-381-6108
E | killiam@sbc.edu
O | Benedict Hall | Second Floor, 207

B.A., English | University of Nice
M.A., French | Columbia University
M.Phil., Philosophy | Columbia University
Ph.D., French | Columbia University

Prof. Killiam has studied in Nice, France, and at Columbia University, where she received her Ph.D. in French. She was a Fulbright Scholar at Mount Holyoke College as a Ph.D. student in American civilization. Aside from her focus on 20th-century French literature and critical theory, Killiam has studied art criticism and is the author of several articles and books on art, among them “The Art Criticism of Paul Claudel,” “The End of Art: a Comparative Study of French Postmodern Art Theorists” and “The Mutilation of Women by Surrealist Artists.”

Angelo Metzidakis

Angelo MetzidakisProfessor of French

P | 434-381-6217
E | metzidakis@sbc.edu
O | Benedict Hall | Second Floor, 210

B.A., French | Yale University
M.A., French | Yale University
M.Phil., French | Yale University
Ph.D., French | Yale University

Prof. Metzidakis is passionate about French literature, particularly the 19th-century novel and the writer Victor Hugo. He is the author of various articles, including “Victor Hugo and the Idea of the United States of Europe” and “Rereading History in Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Misérables’.” In addition to French, he speaks Greek and Spanish and is an Ancien pensionnaire étranger de l’École normale supérieure, a title given to foreign academics who have been researchers in residence at one of France’s most renowned prestige schools.