Point of Contact


All new students are strongly encouraged to sign up for the Point of Contact program. The Point of Contact program is one of the numerous resources available on campus to assist students with their transition into our community. By opting in, students will be paired with a faculty, staff, or community member who has volunteered to assist them during their first year on campus. The pairing takes into account common interests or similar backgrounds. The Point of Contact volunteer will reach out to students several times throughout the year. The student is expected to respond to these outreaches and utilize this faculty or staff member as a resource person. 

Students arriving in the fall should sign up by Sept. 2 if they choose to have a Point of Contact during the 2013-2014 academic year. 

Students arrving in the spring semester should complete the form by Jan. 26, 2014, if they choose to have a Point of Contact during the spring semester.

Point of Contact Sign-Up Page