Your arrival on campus is the beginning of orientation. This program is designed to help you become comfortable roommates, classmates and members of the Sweet Briar community. Academic life, involvement in sports and recreation, and participation in a rich variety of co-curricular opportunities are all parts of the Sweet Briar experience. Orientation will introduce you to the different options and experiences available to you during the next four years.


During orientation you will be meeting with your faculty advisor regarding course selection, attending discussions about academic and community standards, community living, the Student Handbook, as well as other activities will keep you on the go for the first few days before classes begin. In addition, there will be open athletic practices as well as riding placement tests.


New students and transfer students will be joining us in January for spring orientation. During spring orientation, you will participate in a two day orientation program beginning on January 21. New students should plan to check-in and move into their rooms between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 


During fall orientation, you participate in Learning on the Land. This program consists of educational and group problem-solving activities. The content varies, and you will be assigned to one of these experiences. For example, your group may explore outdoor photography, investigate the history of the area, or discover Sweet Briar’s horticultural treasures. The purpose of this program is to introduce the class to Sweet Briar’s 3,250 acres of land, to build connections between classmates and to involve students in experiential learning. Upper-class student leaders and a member of the faculty or staff will be co-leading these experiences. Plan on wearing comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather since you will be outside. It will be fun!


Fall 2012 Orientation Schedule