ENGL 320

Medieval Dreamworks

Prerequisite: Sophomores with permission. Flocks of birds squabbling - in English- over who should rule the roost; an eagle transporting Chaucer to the heights of the cosmos; and an all-too-close enocunter with Gluttony. These are the stuff of medival dream-visions, which were believed to convey truths in obscure or allegorical form. For well over a thousand years, poets found in the dream-vision a powerful and popular genre for addressing controversies about love, fame, death, religious doctrine, and politics. In forms that include debate, satire, and allegory, and tones ranging from deep serousness to high comedy, medieval poets crafted their dream-visions to instruct and delight readers. Texts will include the Old English "Dream of the Rood," and works by Boethius, Chaucer, Langland, and the Gawain poet. May be counted toward the minor in Medival and Renaissance studies. V.2