James L. Alouf
Director of the Graduate Program
Professor of Education
Cameron Fellow
(434) 381-6130

Education professor James Alouf taught secondary social studies for 10 years. His research interests include teacher education, educational assessment, differentiation of instruction and social foundations of education. He teaches courses in curriculum, controversial issues and research. He also teaches the senior seminar for liberal studies majors. Alouf advises undergraduate and graduate students, serves as the director of graduate education and directs graduate student research projects for the M.A.T. and M.Ed. programs.

Holly C. Gould
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Education
(434) 381-6546

Holly Gould's professional experience includes eight years of teaching in Alaska. Her primary research interests include high potential, culturally diverse learners, differentiated instruction for all learners, gifted education and the professional development of novice teachers. She teaches courses in human development, teaching models and strategies, multicultural classes, gifted education and curriculum. She advises students interested in earning a teaching license and she supervises student teachers at the elementary and secondary levels.

Jeff Frank
Assistant Professor of Education

Jeff Frank taught secondary English and was a teacher educator at Montclair State University and Teachers College, Columbia University before coming to Sweet Briar. At Sweet Briar he teaches courses in the graduate and undergraduate program. His primary research interests are in teacher education, American philosophies of education (particularly African American philosophers of education) and inclusive education. His work has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, in Educational Theory, Studies in Philosophy and Education, Education and Culture, Educational Philosophy and Theory and The Philosophy of Education Society Yearbook. He is currently on the editorial board of the Teachers College Record, a journal he was the managing editor of from 2005-2011.

Virginia Sykora
Adjunct Instructor of Education

Virginia Sykora taught Spanish for 33 years at Amherst County High School and Amherst Middle School. After retiring in 2004, she began supervising student teachers for Sweet Briar. She also is the secondary school liaison for the Mentor Program with the Amherst County Public Schools.

Margaret Ann White
Instructor in Education
(434) 381-6431

Margaret Ann White has been teaching for over 25 years, primarily preschool-age students. She finds it rewarding to watch college students get excited about becoming teachers. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, boating, reading and playing with her grandchildren.