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Visible Vixen

The Class of 2018 will be the pilot group for this initiative.

This program is based on models from other institutions that incentivize participation in academic and co-curricular activities. Students are challenged to earn points by attending various activities, entering leadership roles and succeeding in the classroom. The goal is to not only increase attendance at and support for campus programming, but to expose students to a wide variety of academic, athletic and cultural opportunities. It will also result in an improved Room Selection number, a better chance at securing a prime residence hall space. This endeavor has been used by the Sweet Briar Athletic Department as a challenge between teams and will now include all members of the Class of 2018!

The rationale for using a point-based reward system includes:

  • Recognizing students who achieve academic success, support the community and whose actions represent those of good citizens;
  • Emphasizing a living environment where individual decisions are made with the consideration of others in one's community;
  • Developing a Room Selection system where students earn the privilege of living in a residential community environment committed to our mission as an academic institution.


Impact on Room Selection:

In years past, when selection was simply based on a random lottery number, students had a number of concerns, including that peers who were involved in academic or non-academic judicial violations or who did not achieve academically were able to select housing before other students who were involved in campus events, held leadership offices, were athletes, saw academic success, etc. The purpose of the merit-based room selection system is to make the process not only more equitable, but also more rewarding for students who are positively involved in SBC community life. We hope students will become more aware of the impact their behavior and contributions can have on others living in this residential community.


How it works:

  • As this is the pilot year, each incoming student will begin the Visible Vixen point year on Aug. 28 – the first day of classes — with five (5) Visible Vvixen points. She will earn or lose points throughout the Visible Vixen point year, which will end on Feb. 28, 2015. The points earned will be factored into the order in which students select housing for the following academic year.
  • Points are earned by contributing to the campus community in a variety of ways, including activities, programs, leadership roles and academic achievement.
  • The maximum number of Visible Vixen points that can be earned each year is 20.
  • Students lose Visible Vixen points if they are found responsible for violating College policies through academic and/or non-academic judicial processes.
  • Students cannot make up Visible Vixen points. Once a point is lost, it cannot be regained. For example, if a student has acquired the maximum number of allowed points – 20 — but is found responsible for violating a College policy – she will lose 1 point. As a result, the maximum number she can take into the room selection process is 19.


Earning points:

Students who demonstrate positive and meaningful participation in the following areas can gain one Visible Vixen point:

  • Student Government Association as an elected officer
  • Varsity Athletics/Riding — as a member of a team
  • Leadership Certificate Program – participating in this initiative
  • Attendance at:
    • Career Services-sponsored events
    • Performing and visual arts events
    • College, departmental or Lecture and Events programs
    • Athletic and/or riding events

The maximum number of points that can be acquired in any one area is five (5).

Students must stay for the entire program in order to receive credit. Dates/times/locations and number of programs offered are also subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of each sponsor. Please contact program sponsors with any questions about program changes. To determine if a program is a Visible Vixen Program, visit this page.


Losing points:

Students will have Visible Vixen points deducted if any of the following negative behaviors occur:

  • Student discipline — Students will lose one (1) Visible Vixen point each time they are found responsible for violating College policies through the academic and/or non-academic judicial processes.
  • Failure to complete assigned sanctions on time — Students who fail to complete any of their assigned sanctions on time will lose one (1) merit point for each sanction.


How to apply for a Visible Vixen program:

All Sweet Briar College community members are welcome to submit an application to have a program or event considered for Visible Vixen point status. To do so, complete the application located here at least 2 weeks before the program date. The Visible Vixen Committee reviews applications each Monday and decisions will be emailed to the program contact person.

The Visible Vixen Committee members include: 

Approved Visible Vixen Point program sponsors must submit attendance documentation to the Dean’s Office within 72 hours of the end of the event.  




How do I know if a program is a Visible Vixen program?

To determine if a program is a Visible Vixen program, visit this page.