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SophoMORE-year Programs

Engage MORE. Learn MORE. Explore MORE. Do MORE. Achieve MORE.

SophoMORE-year Programs at Sweet Briar focus on:

  • Making students aware of campus resources to help them manage their increased academic responsibilities (College Success Series)

  • Providing students with assistance as they explore career paths, internships, campus jobs and off-campus employment

  • Helping undecided students identify a major 

  • Assisting students as they move from career exploration to making a decision about their major by February of their sophomore year 

  • Supporting students as they expand their knowledge of time management due to the increased demands of collegiate life 

  • Providing social opportunities to connect with peers through events on and off campus 

  • Encouraging students to expand their education by exploring opportunities to study abroad

  • Working in tandem with the class officers to provide community service opportunities for sophomores to engage with the local and global community

  • Providing opportunities for sophomores to become involved with clubs and leadership opportunities on campus

  • Encouraging students to develop healthy skills for balancing stress and focus on their holistic wellness

  • Spotlighting sophomores that have excelled in the classroom, on the field, in co-curricular pursuits, internships, etc.



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