Meet the Executive Board

JirapaJirapa Samla ’15
Environmental Studies

Why ICC: ICC has made some positive, new changes to our constitution to help COs effeciently stay on track and remain active. I want to provide COs with helpful and substantial resources to improve Sweet Briar’s overall campus life. I look forward to working with my fellow executive board members and COs around campus.

Off Duty: Outside of ICC, I am currently Judicial Secretary, QV Liasion, and a Co-Chair for Relay for Life. I love spending my free time volunteering at Amherst’s Humane Society or talking on the phone with my mother. I am passionate about the outdoors and protecting the environment. When I am not studying, you can find me crafting or at Sweet Spots with my friends.


JaxJax Bullet ‘15

Government & Spanish (Minor)

Why ICC: I wanted to be in ICC, because I thought it would be a good way for me to be involved in some of the club activities. I love being involved in what goes on at Sweet Briar, and I felt as though I could contribute well to ICC and help to make it better.

Off Duty: I’m an RA, and I play on the soccer team. I’m from Ashburn, VA. This is my junior year and I’m very excited for this year.  I absolutely love to travel and at some point want to travel around the whole world. My favorite color is red, and I hate chocolate. My favorite animals are giraffes and hippos. I am very involved on campus and love to be engaged in all aspects of Sweet Briar campus. I am very easy to work with and outgoing, so feel free to ask me anything!



MeghanMegan Shuford ‘16
Director of Community Service

Why ICC: For me ICC has and will be a great way to become more involved on campus while also serving the school and helping others. I am especially excited to be the community service director and assist the clubs on campus as they contribute to both Sweet Briar and the greater community.

Off Duty: On campus I am a member of Paints and Patches, in my second year of the Leadership Certificate Program, and a Phonathon caller. I also participate in the big sister/ little sister program at Tye River Elementary school and look forward to another exciting year with my little. When I am not in class I enjoy spending time with my Sweet Briar sisters, crafting, and watching Netflix!


KateKate Bessette ‘16 [Studying Abroad SP 14]
Spanish and Latin American Studies, Equine Studies Certificate
Director of Membership

Why ICC: This year I wanted to become more involved on campus and ICC was a great way to combine my passion for helping others and getting involved.  I’m excited to work with the other women on the exec. board to make things happen for ICC and for Sweet Briar!

Off Duty: My freshman year I was on the Field Hockey team and this year I am on the Fall Field Riding team.  I am also on Riding Council and participate in the Leadership Certificate Program. I enjoy traveling and learning new languages. For the past three years, I have been volunteering in Honduras which has become a huge part of my life.  When I’m not in classes or at the barn, you can find me painting my nails or talking about Honduras!


SarahSarah Gray ‘15
International Affairs, Business minor, Equestrian Studies Certificate and Honors
Director of Hazing Prevention

Why ICC: I am excited to work with my fellow board members, as well as the entire SBC community, to help improve and rejuvenate this council transforming it into an effective, reliable and responsive tool for everyone. I was drawn to the role of Director of Hazing Prevention specifically, because it is something that Sweet Briar has taken a stance against since 1901. My goal in this role is not to be a whistle blower, but an educator, enabling individuals to take a stance against activities which break down and prevent the full academic mission of Sweet Briar College.

Off Duty: When not working for ICC, I am involved in numerous different aspects of campus life. I am an active member of both QV and Paint-n-Patches, as well as a member of the Student Relations Committee. I work for the ARC both as the tutor for my department and for digication/eporfolio. I also spend a majority of my time at the barn, where I am testing in to Riding Council, and am the T.A. for two classes. Outside of all things academic, club or horse related activities, you can honestly find me crafting somewhere, as it is something that I enjoy and find somewhat relaxing.


SabrinaSabrina Marth ‘14
Director of Enrollment & Director of Membership

Why ICC: I have a passion for working behind the scenes to make things happen, so I’m looking forward to being a helping hand to individual clubs and organizations in the Sweet Briar community. I’m excited to work with our fabulous Executive Board to create a new story for ICC, and to encourage involvement and dedication within clubs and organizations themselves.

Off Duty: Outside of ICC, I am involved in a number of other groups on campus. I am the current President of Sweet Tones, and Secretary of BAM. I am also the Vice President of CEO. Most recently, I helped develop a Step Up! Orientation Program for incoming first-year and transfer students. When I’m not in meetings or class, you can usually find me watching Netflix and eating McDonald’s.