Board of Directors, 2014-15

Sweet Briar Institute was incorporated as a non-stock corporation by Act of the General Assembly of Virginia approved February 9, 1901. The affairs of the College are managed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors consisting of no less than 24 nor more than 35 members elected annually at the spring meeting of the Board.

Members of the Board are elected for three-year terms and include the President of the College, the President of the Alumnae Association, and three alumnae class representatives, consisting of one representative from each of the three most recent graduating classes. A director (excluding the President of the College who has no limit on the number of years or terms he or she can serve) cannot serve more than three successive three-year terms on the Board. Directors elected as officers can serve up to one additional three-year term, for a total of up to twelve successive years.

The President of the College and the President of the Alumnae Association are ex-officio members of the Board. The President of the College and the Chair of the Board are ex-officio members of all committees of the Board of Directors.


Executive Committee


Paul G. Rice, B.S.

Chair, Board of Directors

Warrenton, Virginia


Elizabeth H.S. Wyatt '69, M.B.A.

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Summit, New Jersey


Elvira McMillan Mannelly '65, M.A.T.

Secretary, Board of Directors

Atlanta, Georgia


David W. Breneman, Ph.D.

Charlottesville, Virginia


Diane B. Dalton ’67, M.A.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Judith Wilson Grant '66 B.A.

Greenwood Village, Colorado


James F. Jones, Jr,  Ph.D.


Sweet Briar, Virginia


Karen Gill Meyer ’63, MBA

Scottsdale, Arizona


Julia K. Sutherland '78, B.S.

Alexandria, Virginia


Eugene M. Tobin, Ph.D.

Briarcliff Manor, New York



Hilary Bowie ’12, B.A.

Young Alumna Director

Fairfax, Virginia


A. Grace Caskey '14, B.S.

Young Alumna Director

Lynchburg, Virginia


Elizabeth Haskell Callaghan '86, M.S.

Pi=onte Vedra Beach, Florida


Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn ’77, J.D.

Winnetka, Illinois


Winifred Story Davis '61, M.B.A.

Atlanta, Georgia


Susan Sellers Ewing ’71, B.A.

Richmond, Virginia


Marsha Taylor Horton ’76, Ph.D.

Magnolia, Delaware


Ann Stuart McKie Kling '74, B.A.

Dallas, Texas


Frances Griffith Laserson '70, A.B.

New York, New York


Sarah M. Lindemann '13, B.A.

Young Alumna Director

Woodbridge, Virginia


Yolanda Davis Saunders '96, B.A.

Woodbridge, Virginia


Susan P. Scanlan '69, M.A.

Alexandria, Virginia


Sandra Taylor 74, M.B.A.

Richmond, Virginai