Chaplain's Office


Chaplain's Office 
Head of Department: Adam White, X6113/6103, ajwhite@sbc.edu 
Supervisor: Adam White, X6113/6103, ajwhite@sbc.edu

Sweet Spirit, II (Supervisor: Adam White, ajwhite@sbc.edu)

Tasks to be performed:

  •  Work as a team member of the Chaplain’s Office
  • Assist in planning and conduct of student religious life programs
  • Serve as peer minister and peer counselor
  • Lead a core project activity

Academic prerequisites, skills, and experience needed:

  •  Commitment to mission of the Chaplain's Office
  • Successful completion of first year of college
  • Must work at least 4 to 7 hours per week, as needed
  • Hours and days are flexible
    Resume and Cover letter required

Student Worship Leader, IV (Supervisor: Adam White, ajwhite@sbc.edu )

Tasks to be performed:

  • Participate as a member of the Open Door team in planning weekly services
  • Accompany congregational singing as an instrumentalist
  • Assist in the selection of music for services
  • Other assignments as may be required in connection with weekly services

Academic prerequisites, skills, and experience needed:

  • Fluent music sight-reading skills
  • High level of proficiency on piano/electronic keyboard
  • Familiarity with worship music repertoire
  • Worship leadership skills and ability to work with a worship team.