Campus Safety

Sweet Briar College has 24 hours police/security protection provided 365 days a year by the Department of Safety.

Dispatchers for the Department of Safety maintain radio and telephone contact with police officers/safety officers and also monitor emergency alarms.  Each police officer in this department is a sworn "Special conservator of the Peace" under code section 19.2-13 of the Code of Virginia, and has the authority to make arrests on Sweet Briar College property.  Each police officer has the authority to execute search warrants and seize evidence and contraband, such as illegal drugs and weapons.  

Any person who needs emergency assistance dial (434)381-6111, or if you need to make a report to the Department of Safety dial (434)381-6144.  The officers on duty makes periodic patrols of the campus on foot and by marked/unmarked patrol vehicles, and are in constant radio contact with a dispatcher.  The Department of Safety also processes all parking violation notices and appeals of violations.

The Mission of the Department of Safety is to protect campus property, its personnel, students and guests; to maintain law and order on the campus; to enforce traffic rules and regulations; and to investigate matters in which Sweet Briar College is or may be a party of interest.

Officers should keep in mind that they have a sworn duty to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and to enforce those laws as well as rules and regulations promulgated by the officials of Sweet Briar College.

Officers should be courteous, tactful, diplomatic and use good judgment in dealing with members of the general public, the student body, and the faculty and staff.

Officers should exhibit an interest in all problems presented and should be friendly, understanding, and patient. The officer should be firm and professional, yet always fair and pleasant.

Campus Limits are defined as: the College entrance gate on Route 29, the College boundary on Elijah Road, the lake, Stable Road, the Riding Center, and the Outing Cabin via direct route.

Campus Entrance - during the school year, the checkpoint on the main drive into campus is staffed from
6 p.m. - 6 a.m. daily with a police officer/safety officer.  Unauthorized persons are turned away. Perimeter gates are locked at 6 p.m. creating only one access point -the main entrance-by which to drive on campus.