The mission of the business program is to enable its graduates to be successful in the world of business. The business major requires a mastery of business theory and the development of skills in a broad range of functional areas. Graduates will demonstrate strong communication skills, the ability to analyze and synthesize and an understanding of the broad cultural and social context in which business occurs.

Recognizing that work experience is critical in the learning process, experiential learning is an integral part of the program. Our graduates are expected to acquire knowledge of business theories as well as developing practical skills in applying these theories.

For success in the business world of work after graduation or graduate study, our graduates are expected to develop skills in finding jobs, in job performance and in career management. Consequently, the curriculum is designed to give individual students a hands-on grasp of business methods, business cultures and personnel interactions typically found in business organizations. Recognizing that work experience is critical to the student learning process, work experience is simulated in class projects, cases and labs, while actual work experience is the task of our integrated, multiple-stage internship program.