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Applications for BLUR 2014 are open! Please fill out the following form and submit a work sample via our online submission manager no later than April 30. Admissions decisions will be made after April 1 and within 10 days of submission.

Please make sure you indicate if you will be purchasing an iPad through the program, bringing your own or borrowing one from the program.  

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please indicate this in your brief essay, and we will send you additional application materials. 

You're almost finished!  Just complete these last three steps and you're done.

In the space above, please write a brief (500-750 words) statement of intent describing why you would like to come to BLUR. Be specific in terms of your goals and aspirations, as well as how you think you would benefit from the experience. Above all, BE CREATIVE! If you would like to be considered for a need-based scholarship, please indicate that in your statement and we will send you additional financial aid application materials asap.
Please upload a sample using our on-line submission tool below. If you encounter technical difficulties, or trouble creating digital versions of your work, please email us at mstablein@sbc.edu and we will gladly help you.

Creative Writers: Please attach no more than 10 pages of work. We accept most forms of word processing files, including .doc, .docx, rtf, and textedit formats.

Visual Artists: Please attach 3-6 photographs or scanned images, including jpegs and gifs. We also accept Powerpoint files and most video files.

Theatre Artists: Please attach a video (no more than 3 minutes) of you performing either a monologue or brief scene.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.
Note: Uploads cannot exceed 3 MB each.

3.) Letter of Recommendation

This is your opportunity for your teachers and mentors to sing your praises. Ask a teacher or mentor acquainted with your abilities as an artist and person to email a letter telling us why you should be admitted to BLUR. In addition to your abilities, letters should address how well you would work collaboratively with others.

Deadline: Letters must be sent electronically to mstablein@sbc.edu no later than April 30th.

Selection Process

Based on the strength of your application, the BLUR faculty will choose 30 students (10 in each concentration) to join us June 15th-July 6th. All applicants will be notified of the faculty’s decision within 10 days of submission.