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Why study dance?

Dance is one of the earliest art forms. Its language is universal. From energetic to ethereal, classic to modern, dance offers a unique partnership between the body and the mind. Its aesthetic appeal creates countless opportunities for self-expression and communication.

Why study dance at Sweet Briar?

Sweet Briar College offers one of the most unique collegiate dance programs in the U.S. For more than 40 years, the program has drawn on traditional and contemporary dance techniques — including aerial — combined with intensive training in choreography.

At Sweet Briar, students find freedom in creative expression while gaining practical experience that builds a solid repertoire before graduation.

Dance ConcertOur program derives its strength from its concentration on choreography. After one semester, students begin to stage performances. The culminating capstone project lets students choreograph, produce and perform a full-length concert for the community — an experience students at large universities often do not encounter until graduate school.

At Sweet Briar, creativity and technique are firmly rooted in a liberal arts education. This ensures dancers are prepared for any challenges they may face in the dance world and in life.

What can you do with a dance major?

While our graduates pursue a variety of career paths, four out of five choose dance as their profession — or for further study in graduate school.