Student Opportunities

There are many ways for Sweet Briar students to get hands-on archaeological experience. These include fieldschools, unpaid internships, work study, summer employment and study abroad programs. Some of the opportunities listed below may also be of interest to majors in other areas of study such as arts management, art history, classics, environmental studies or history.


After completing an approved archaeological fieldschool, students may apply for summer employment as archaeological field technicians with the Lynchburg-based engineering firm of Hurt and Proffitt or with other Cultural Resource Management firms in the region.


Almost all entry-level employment in archaeology requires successful completion of an archaeological fieldschool. There are several excellent fieldschools offered in Virginia, including those at Thomas Jefferson's retreat home at Poplar Forest, Monticello and Jamestown.

For students majoring in related disciplines or wanting a fieldschool site closer to home, there are many quality fieldschools across the U.S. and abroad. For transfer credit, all fieldschools require pre-approval.


Museum and archaeological internships are alternative means to gain experience in archaeological and historical site management, outreach and public education. Sweet Briar students have participated as interns at several historic sites and museums in the area. Students may register for credit for internships with prior faculty approval.

Study Abroad

Many students at Sweet Briar spend some portion of an academic year in study abroad programs. Sweet Briar's Academic Services office offers many semester and year abroad opportunities through our own or (with prior approval) through outside programs. Department faculty are happy to facilitate applications for these programs. The department also maintains a list of excellent year-abroad programs that are specifically tailored to students of archaeology, arts management, art history or classics.