Class Acts

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Emblem Oak Tree
Oak tree
Colors Green and black Delft blue and black Purple and gold Peacock blue and green
Motto Ne obliviscamur

Lest we forget

Spectamur agendo

We are proven by our actions

Factum non verbum

Actions not words

Honor ante honores

Honor before reward

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Class Officer Responsibilities

Class President

The class president assists the Office of Alumnae Relations and Development through correspondence and engagement with her classmates. She works with the fund agent(s) to enlist help in calling, e-mailing, using social media and/or writing classmates to encourage attendance at Reunion. The class president:

  • works with the class secretary and class social media secretary to update the class Facebook page(s) and to promote the use of other social media to connect with classmates;
  • works with the class secretary to develop a team to update class contact information for the AR&D office; and
  • during Reunion weekend;
    • presents the class gift;
    • presides over the class meeting to conduct the election of new officers (including fund agents); and
    • provides the alumnae relations and development office with a listing of the newly elected class leadership. Help for Reunion planning will be provided to you by Claire Dennison Griffith. She can be reached at or 434-381-6479.

Class Fund Agent

The class fund agent is the officer of the class who creates a team of solicitors and administrates the calling of classmates for their best gifts on an annual basis. She directs the distribution of the call lists, ensures donor integrity by keeping all donor information confidential, completes reporting to the alumnae relations and development office and advises the office of problematic areas. Her efforts work in tandem with the efforts of other class officers.

If you are interested in creating a fundraiser for your class, please click here.

Class Secretary

The class secretary works with the alumnae relations and development team to be the primary communications author and connector for the class and maintains the accuracy of our contact data for each alumna in her class. The alumnae relations and development team contact for alumnae data management is Bonnie Seitz (, 434-381-6417). The class secretary should send updates on the news from your class by completing this form. Your concise notes will be compiled and published. The class notes are provided by the College in a packet for all class secretaries.

Class Social Media Secretary

The class social media secretary coordinates regular updates on the class Facebook page. Updates may include promoting attendance at Reunion weekend, echoing news updates and social media messages from the College, and staying in touch with your class on social media platforms. She should also create and maintains a class Pinterest board to create a kind of living yearbook of classmates’ lives. The class social media secretary also encourages her classmates to create LinkedIn profiles connected to the Sweet Briar alumnae group and Alumnifire platforms.

If you have any questions about your class activities, please contact:

Claire Dennison Griffith ’80
P | 434-381-6479
E |

Class Notes

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