Alumnae Alliance Council Nominations

The Sweet Briar College Alumnae Alliance, formed by the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors on Sept. 26, 2015, as the new paradigm of alumnae engagement to operationalize the “Sweet Briar Effect” by engaging the time, talent, interests and passion of alumnae in service to the College and its alumnae, needs volunteers to serve on its governing Council and on working groups in the roles described below. Alumnae Alliance volunteers provide professional expertise in service to the College and thus are recruited for “skills and fit” to increase the impact of their volunteer service (similar to Doctors without Borders, lawyers working pro bono, etc.).

All Sweet Briar College alumnae and holders of honorary degrees, and those who completed at least one semester of coursework, are members of the Alumnae Alliance and may nominate themselves or any other member of the Alumnae Alliance for these positions:

Alumnae Alliance Council Co-chair for The Network Working Group

  • This alumna works closely with the College’s AR&D and career services staff to help plan and execute a program that helps the College bolster its career services offerings to students and alumnae. These efforts might include encouraging alumnae to identify and post jobs and internships for students and alumnae on Alumnifire, and organizing lunch-and-learn sessions to talk with students, parents and alumnae about career networking. Work can range from advising on strategic directions and supporting operational execution, including development of training materials, drafting of communications messaging, data analysis for planning, recruiting alumnae speakers for career services panels or practice interviews, and potentially designing and piloting a Lifelong Learning capability (e.g., web-based offerings and/or on-campus short courses) that could cover a wide variety of possible continuing education opportunities. This alumna helps co-chair and regularly convene and communicate to a working group of alumnae volunteers. This alumna is required to sign the SBC volunteer agreement, as the alumna often works with sensitive alumnae data.
  • Expected volunteer time commitment is up to 5-10 hours per week through July 2019; much of the work is done via teleconferences and email. In addition, some travel will be expected to meet with College AR&D and career services staff in person on campus. Note: Travel expenses are usually donated to the College as a gift-in-kind.

Other desired criteria include:

  • 5+ years nonprofit or community organizing experience
  • Strong interest and/or prior experience with educational technology and adult education/training
  • Executive leadership and/or experience serving on a board of a nonprofit organization
  • Ability and commitment to organize and lead a working group of volunteers, in close coordination with the College’s AR&D and career services staff

To nominate yourself or a fellow alumna for one of these positions, please click here.

Alumnae Alliance Young Alumnae Squad (YAS) Members

In the past months, the Alumnae Alliance has formed a new group, The Young Alumnae Squad (YAS). YAS was created to help us to better engage with young alumnae. A team of leaders are being sought to lead the movement bridging the connection between Sweet Briar, the students, and the alumnae at large. Our initiative is to re-engage and cultivate the community of young alumnae, strengthening our bond with each other and the College.

Our focus will be on fundraising and goal setting, events and activities, engagement and volunteering, outreach and fostering the next class of young alumnae. With each of these areas, we see fantastic opportunity to collaborate and allow YAS to make their mark!

We want you to help us make it happen! #sayYAS

Alumnae who graduated within the last 15 years are specifically invited to nominate themselves or their contemporary alumnae to join the Young Alumnae Squad as working group members. All Sweet Briar College alumnae and holders of honorary degrees, and those who completed at least one semester of coursework, are members of the Alumnae Alliance and may nominate themselves or any other member of the Alumnae Alliance for positions in four areas:

  • Development: 4 positions
  • Events: 4 positions
  • Outreach: 3 positions
  • Engagement: 4 positions


  • Work closely with YAS co-chairs
  • Report bi-weekly on all activities to co-chairs on status/result of current projects
  • Participate in monthly YAS calls
  • Continue to assess and evaluate objectives of sub-committee
  • Run new projects and ideas by co-chairs
  • Cross-collaboration with co-chairs of other Alumnae Alliance Council working groups
  • Volunteer time commitment, approximately 5-10 hours per week through July 2019

Desired criteria include:

  • Alumnae out of Sweet Briar anywhere from 1-15 years
  • Collaborative and open-minded nature
  • Ability to handle/facilitate multiple projects at once
  • Strong communication and time-management skills
  • Specific skill set needs may be based on sub-committee

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Interim Process To Be Used in Filling These Positions

The initial Alumnae Alliance Council was formed in Sept. 2015 by the Chair of the Alumnae Committee of the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors to govern the Alumnae Alliance for day-to-day operations. The Council, headed by two co-chairs, currently consists of 15 alumnae co-chairing seven Working Groups. The Council works closely with the College’s Office of Alumnae Relations and Development (AR&D) to design and execute programs and services of interest to alumnae.

The Alumnae Alliance Council is committed to expanding engagement of alumnae across decades, classes, geographic regions, majors, areas of interest and career paths. To that end, the Council has been using an ongoing flexible process for identifying alumnae who can serve as leaders on the Council and to assist with leading major focused initiatives on working groups as opportunities arise. Until the new Strategic Initiatives-Governance Working Group completes its anticipated work to review, evaluate and codify the governance principles and processes for the Alumnae Alliance, the Council will use the following interim process for filling these positions:

  1. The Council will solicit nominees in multiple media forums from among the 14,000+ members of the Alumnae Alliance for alumnae volunteers who might be interested and well qualified to serve in each position. Nominations will be open for one month, beginning Sept. 7, 2017.
  2. The Council will vet nominees with strong nomination support to confirm willingness to serve (including willingness to sign and uphold the guiding principles and expectations articulated in the SBC Volunteer Agreement) and an understanding of the time commitment required. “Nomination support” can include a significant number of write-in recommendations together with a résumé or short biographical statement identifying relevant skills, experience and capabilities.
  3. The Council will consult on top-identified candidates with College staff who work most closely with the particular volunteer area, e.g., AR&D, admissions, career services, MMC, etc. The Council will select the candidates with the best skills and fit for each position. In addition, all nominations will be considered and used to help identify volunteers to serve in various working groups, even if the volunteer is not selected to serve in the position for which nominations were solicited. The intent is to use the volunteer submission forms to build out working groups and engagement on an ongoing basis. In addition, working groups are intended to allow alumnae to explore areas of interest, build leadership experience over time, and serve Sweet Briar during this rebuilding process.
  4. The Council will contact and confirm new alumnae volunteers as quickly as possible, ideally within two weeks after the nominations period closes, and provide onboarding training about the Alumnae Alliance, Council operations, the AA Council-AR&D Partnership Principles, and other expectations. Volunteers will be asked to complete and sign the SBC Volunteer Agreement.
  5. The new Strategic Initiatives-Governance Working Group will be tasked with addressing subjects such as length and terms of service of Council and working group members. In the interim, as both the College and the Alumnae Alliance operate under this new paradigm of alumnae engagement, members serve as long as they are able and willing.

The Council welcomes feedback on the interim process for nomination of volunteers, and notes that the new Strategic Initiatives-Governance Working Group will be tasked with reviewing and developing the processes and procedures to be used going forward. In addition, all such processes and procedures will be subject to continuous evaluation and refinement as the Council accumulates more experience and recruits more volunteers.