Student Profile

One of the best things about students at Sweet Briar is that there is no “typical Sweet Briar student.” We value diversity and all sorts of personalities and talents. Sweet Briar women are smart, witty, curious and driven. No matter your abilities, when you graduate you’ll leave as self-directed and independent — a strong leader for your community and our world. You will become known for your confidence, courage and grit. You’ll be viewed as a woman of consequence.

For admission we review applications holistically, meaning we consider more than just grades and test scores. We evaluate your:

  • High school courses taken and their academic levels (AP/IB/DE, honors, accelerated, etc.);
  • Academic performance;
  • SAT/ACT test scores;
  • Secondary School Report and recommendations;
  • Extracurricular activities and community service; and
  • College essay.

Class of 2021*


  • 23 States
  • The Republic of China


  • 15% legacies
  • 24% identified as a minority
  • 18% first-generation college students
  • 31% student-athletes


  • Average GPA: 3.34
  • SAT: Math 510, Verbal 561, Combined 1071
  • ACT: 23.6

*Pre-census data. Official data will be updated in November.
**Scores represent the averages of the Class of 2021. They are not minimum requirements.