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Rhiannon Schade

Admissions Counselor


Hometown: Concord, California

Educational background:  University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011, B.A. History and Economics; University of Pennsylvania, 2012, M.S.Ed.


  • California
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia (Northern Neck)



Can’t live without: family, coffee, HBO, history museums

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump, hands down

One thing I will (regretfully) never do well: gardening

Things I love: trying new restaurants, nature moments, dressing up, reading a good book, watching an informative documentary, spending time with family, running

You’d never know unless I told you: I have six brothers and no sisters!

Fantasy vacation: Mexico City, 2 weeks

Weakness: Beach towns near mountains or forests


Rhiannon and squirrelMe, Briefly:

If you only knew three things about me, they might be that I am a planner, I am highly conscientious and that I am perhaps overly cautious.

I became interested in college admissions because of the profound impact that attending college had on me. Like many admissions folks, I began as a tour guide in my undergraduate institution. There, I learned the joy of working with families through the college search process. At Sweet Briar, I serve as the Admissions Counselor for students from Delaware, Maryland, California and the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Around the office, I have been dubbed “swif” because I generally pick up on things very quickly. I’m also the resident expert on all things California.


Why I Love Sweet Briar:

The number one priority here for faculty and staff is to find ways to support student success, and ultimately, life success! It is not just something we say. It is lived and felt on this campus and throughout the community every single day in all that we do.  I have never seen such an extraordinary level of commitment to students at any other institution.


Advice to Students:Rhiannon @ grad

During your college search, you will get a lot of different pieces of advice from a lot of different people. Very frequently, people will say that you should narrow down the type of institution you want and then build a short list of schools from there. I took the opposite approach in my college search and loved the results. What I did was apply to various kinds of institutions that all had what I wanted in one form or another (but not too many that I was overwhelmed by all the applications). I ended up with several choices after the acceptances came in, and I was able to then think very carefully about the college that was right for me.  This is all just to say that you might benefit from being open-minded in your college search.

Of course, visiting, staying overnight and attending classes is a highly effective way to “test-drive” colleges.