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May 5, 2018
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July 23-28, 2018
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We prepare young women to excel in the modern world — and we’ve been doing it since our first students arrived in 1906. You are our sole focus. At Sweet Briar, women get all the attention, all the student leadership roles, and any career choice is open to you. We think that makes Sweet Briar pretty special.

Who We Are

Sweet Briar College was established in 1901 by Indiana Fletcher Williams in honor of her daughter, Daisy, who died at age 16. The sole owner of Sweet Briar Plantation, Indiana left the expansive estate to create an independent college for women. From its founding, Sweet Briar has united traditional undergraduate coursework with applied learning to empower women through education in the liberal arts and sciences — graduating generations of change-makers as lawyers and legislators, humanitarians, artists, doctors and scientists and entrepreneurs. These Sweet Briar alumnae fulfill not only Indiana’s bold vision, but their own passions and ambitions.

Sweet Briar College Admissions Statement on Peaceful Activism and #ParklandStudentsSpeak

As the world witnessed in 2015 when more than 14,000 alumnae rallied to save the college that had prepared them for such meaningful action, Sweet Briar women are known for their courage and leadership on transformative change. Sweet Briar College values critical thinking and diversity of thought, along with the ability to express it clearly and persuasively. We will not penalize students for standing up for what they believe in or for making their opinions known through peaceful activism. A disciplinary action such as suspension associated with such activism will not negatively impact our decision to admit you. Sweet Briar has a legacy of considering each applicant holistically, including her academic accomplishments, personal character and participation in our democratic society.