Caty Waterman ’11

HometownCentreville, MDPlatypus

Educational Background:
Sweet Briar College, 2011 (B.A. in Spanish and Economics, Minor in Dance and Government)
London School of Economics and Political Science, 2012 (M.Sc. in Political Science and Political Economy)

Recruitment Areas:

  • California
  • Idaho
  • Maryland
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

In Virginia:

  • Charles City County
  • Chesterfield County 
  • Colonial Heights
  • Dinwiddie County
  • Hanover County
  • Henrico County
  • Hopewell
  • Petersburg
  • Powhatan County
  • Prince George County
  • Richmond City


Favorite animal: I am obsessed with the Platypus. 

In my spare time I enjoy: Cooking (especially desserts!), dancing, and reading

Favorite books: I will always have a deep-rooted love for Harry Potter, but I do have an addiction to the historical romance genre- particularly the Georgian and Regency periods. 

Favorite TV shows: I love Doctor Who, but I also enjoy almost anything on the Travel Channel and crime shows like NCIS, Rizzoli and Isles, and Criminal Minds. 

If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to: Australia- I am determined to see a platypus in person one day. The fact that my best friend lives there doesn't hurt either. 

The first thing I plan whenever I travel: Food- I always have a list of everywhere I want to eat, from markets to food trucks to established restaurants. 

Favorite movie: Even though I'm not terribly athletic, I love Miracle, and inspirational sports movies in general. 

I bet you didn't know...From 2009-2012 I spent more time living out of the country than I spent living in the U.S. 

About Me:
I joined the admissions team at Sweet Briar in August of 2013. I graduated from Sweet Briar in 2011 with a double major in Spanish and economics and a double minor in dance and government. Like many students, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating, so I decided to go to graduate school. I loved studying abroad in Spain and Scotland in undergrad, and decided to further my studies overseas by completing my masters at the London School of Economics and Political Science in England. While there I got to live in London, experience the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, and make some incredible friends from around the world. I also learned that I really didn’t enjoy econometrics- the basis of my degree program.

Upon graduation, I had a master’s degree in a subject I decided I didn’t want to pursue and no clue what I wanted to do with my life. After a brief stint as an amateur cupcake baker and a couple of months working for Congress, I discovered that I really love helping people and discussing things I am passionate about. I knew then that working for the admission team at Sweet Briar was the perfect opportunity to help students and their parents make the difficult decisions about college while sharing information about the school that gave me so much during my four years here. 

Why I love Sweet Briar:
My mom graduated from Sweet Briar, so I heard about the college my entire life. However, I didn’t understand the appeal of a small, all-women’s college until my first visit to campus in the fall of my junior year. The minute I drove on campus I fell in love. During my years on campus (and my time abroad) I discovered that Sweet Briar is so much more than a beautiful campus. It is a close-knit community filled with students, faculty, and staff that are like a big family. There are no interests too varied and no dreams too big. As cheesy as it sounds, Sweet Briar not only encourages dreaming, but also gives you the tools and support necessary to turn those dreams into reality.

Advice to Students:
When looking at schools, try to make it on campus for a visit, take classes, and stay in the dorms. I know it can often be difficult to find the time to visit or trek across the country if you live far away, but it really is worth it. You not only get to see your prospective campus, but you can see if the student body and academic program is a good fit for you. If you can’t make it to campus, don’t panic- talk to me and I can arrange for a virtual tour and find a current student with similar interests to talk to. Our handouts are incredibly informative, but there is just no replacement for personal interaction- especially when deciding where you want to spend the next four years of your life!

Need to get in touch with Caty? Send her an email: cwaterman@sbc.edu or call our office: 800-381-6142.


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