Why I Love Teaching at Sweet Briar

A two-way conversation, in learning and life

Undoubtedly the academic environment at Sweet Briar is engaging—it’s consistently recognized for a challenging curriculum, highly accessible faculty, and character-building qualities. But above all, it’s personalized. Get immersed in the breadth and depth of a topic as you analyze and interpret it through the lens of your specific interests and objectives. With so many interrelated and customized courses of study at Sweet Briar, researching one subject could reveal other intellectual passions you didn’t even know you had.

But academia at Sweet Briar involves more than checking off classes in your major, minor, or certificate program. It means challenging beliefs, forming opinions, finding a niche, developing skills, and focusing talents. Then synthesizing all you learn into your current activities, goals for the future, and ongoing relationships with family, friends, community, and yourself