Programs of Study

Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, three “centers of excellence” will take the place of our current academic programs and divisions. Study will be more intense, hands-on, collaborative and interdisciplinary — the building blocks of the career and life skills the liberal arts are known for: critical thinking, written and verbal communication; ethics and awareness; and adaptability. The three centers of excellence are:

  • Engineering, Science and Technology in Society
  • Human and Environmental Sustainability
  • Creativity, Design and the Arts

Majors and/or Minors

Anthropology (B.A. | Minor)
Archaeology (B.A. | Minor)
Art History (B.A. | Minor)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (B.S.)
Biology (B.A. | B.S. | Minor)
Business (B.A. | Minor)
Chemistry (B.A. | B.S. | Minor)
Classics (B.A. | Minor)
Computer Science (B.S. | Minor)
Dance (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)
Economics (B.A. | Minor)
Engineering Science (B.S. | Minor)
English (B.A. | Minor)
English and Creative Writing (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)
Environmental Science (B.S. | Minor)
Environmental Studies (B.A.)
Film Studies (Minor)
French (B.A. | Minor)
Gender Studies (Minor)
Government (B.A. | Minor)
History (B.A. | Minor)
International Affairs (B.A.)
Interdisciplinary Studies (Self-designed major) (B.A.)
Journalism, New Media and Communications (Minor)
Latin American Studies (Minor)
Liberal Studies (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.A. | B.S. | Minor)
Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Minor)
Music (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)
Musical Theatre (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)
Philosophy (B.A. | Minor)
Physics (B.A. | B.S. | Minor)
Psychology (B.A. | B.S. | Minor)
Religion (B.A. | Minor)
Sociology (B.A. | Minor)
Spanish (B.A. | Minor)
Studio Art (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)
Theatre (B.A. | B.F.A. | Minor)

Pre-Professional Programs


Certificate Programs

Arts Management
Equine Studies

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
Master of Education (M.Ed.)