Sweet Briar College

The life of the mind

The term liberal arts and sciences comes up a lot during a college search. Typically, this educational tradition is based upon a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum, small, discussion-centered classes with approachable professors, and opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom. Even some of the largest universities’ undergraduate programs draw upon these customs.

At Sweet Briar, this philosophy might be better described as limitless advantages. Here, the resources available to each member of the student body — for scholarship, individualization, leadership, competition, friendship, service and interaction on campus, in nearby academic and civic communities, and abroad — are as significant as the futures ahead of them.

Est. 1901

Since our founding in 1901, Sweet Briar has specialized in educating women. It’s an approach that brings personal relevance to every discipline studied here, and opens up insights and understanding between students and faculty that might not be explored in a co-educational environment. Our single-gender tradition also extends leadership opportunities to every student who seeks them out, and cultivates connection, confidence and community, from first-year, day one, through graduation, reunion and beyond.

The Sweet Briar College mission

Sweet Briar College empowers and educates young women to build and reshape their world however their passions lead them.